Aloha friends and family! Today I have decided to share my dream with you – a dream that has been sitting in my heart for more than a decade – a dream that has the potential to change our species and transform our entire civilization.

My dream is made up of elements taken from the Ringing Cedars books (, in combination with the wisdom I have garnered from my own life experience. This wisdom affirms that the way we begin life affects the way we live it and so the most important thing we can do for our children is to conceive them consciously and gestate and birth them in loving way.

Family Love at Birth

My overall vision is broad in scope in that it necessitates the acquisition of a large area of land in combination with a gathering of souls who hold similar values and goals and who can vision together, and successfully give birth to, a loving new world order and a love-filled New Earth.

At its core, my dream is aligned with the vision presented in the Ringing Cedars books of kins domain settlements — only instead of focusing solely on gardening, this settlement will additionally focus on the conscious creation of life.

I dream of this settlement manifesting on Maui in the area known as Makena.


I see the settlement extending outwards through the entire district of Honua’ula.


At the heart of the settlement will be an educational/healing center and birth sanctuary that will support future parents in their movement toward conscious conception and birth.


I invite you to watch this 10-minute trailer of the film “Birth As We Know It” created by Elena Tonetti, which embodies the consciousness for the future settlement.

In its highest expression, the community will be based on the principles outlined in the Ringing Cedars books, which means, in brief, that a committed group of people will successfully access a large tract of land which will be divided up amongst interested families who wish to be part of the community (approximately 2.5 acres per family). Each family will be given the land at no cost, to hold in perpetuity so that they can pass it on to their young. Having the land in perpetuity is essential because this will enable families to develop deep familial ties with their particular piece of the Earth — and this connection will enhance their capacity to commune with the Creator and to understand their part in Creation. In fact, this is the way the Hawaiians lived for centuries, with families subsisting on their own parcel of land — land that was handed down from generation to generation and upon which each family had a direct link to their ancestors and to the Divine Mind.

Families will, of course, be expected to nourish and beautify their parcel of land and turn it into an infinitely self-sustainable, flourishing garden (what Anastasia refers to as a “Space of Love”).

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Within each family’s space, children will be conceived, gestated, and birthed in love. These children will be born amongst the sights and sounds of the natural world and will bear only a slight resemblance to the children of the past because they will all be wanted and they will come into this dimension trauma-free. Accordingly, they will be deeply connected to their pristine origins and have all of their spiritual capacities intact.

This community will be made up of happy families with happy children joyously co-creating a love-filled life.

Right use of sexual energy will be fundamental to the success of this community and all will be encouraged to channel their life-creating potential into the conscious creation of life. In this way, we can ensure that children will have their healthiest start and be more likely to experience a trauma-free gestation and gentle birth than those who are conceived haphazardly.

Conscious parenting will be the glue that will hold this community together and create the texture for the fulfillment and preservation of human love.

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The settlement will be located on the south side of Maui in the district referred to as “Honua’ula.” In time, it will be home to a large educational center and training facility that will be one of the world’s top centers for the preparation of conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

A top-of-the-line waterbirth facility will also be located here, and water birth, ocean birth, and birth with live dolphins will be common occurrences for those who choose to reside and/or visit here.

There will also be a birth sanctuary located at the end of Makena Road and residents (and perhaps visitors) of the community who wish to birth their babies in the crystalline ocean waters of Maui will do so here.

The roads throughout our settlement will be closed to all common traffic (deliveries only) and residents/tourists will travel through the area on horseback, horse-driven carriages, bicycles, canoes, kayaks or other non-toxic, non-invasive modes of transportation. There will be many beautiful, scenic, bike trails, horse trails and hiking trails throughout the Honua’ula district.

The ocean surrounding the area will be off-limits to all war-like activity including military ships, planes, bombs, submarines, sonar, and other war games/equipment. Motor boats will be strictly prohibited in these waters in order to protect the aquatic wildlife, and especially whales during breeding season.

Whales, dolphins, sea turtles and more abound in the waters and will provide joy, company, and support to the birthing families who take up residence here. It will be customary for residents of the area to swim with these aquatic beings, and to birth their babies in the presence of these magnificent creatures. All beings that reside in this area will be delightfully moving toward becoming one big, happy, inter-species family, all swimming together in love.

Makena will be home to one of the world’s largest wild animal protection habitats, and will provide sanctuary to abused, neglected, injured or other animals that need special care. Thousands of well-fed, well-loved, well-cared for, cats, dogs, horses, birds, deer, and other land, air, and sea creatures that reside in this territory will flourish and live harmoniously with the human families. Hunting for sport will be strictly prohibited and will become unthinkable in the very near future.

Together, we will bring forth a new form of governance for our area – a system that is created by the people and for the people – a system made up of loving, conscious, individuals who understand that happy families provide the foundation for a healthy, happy nation.

This new system of governance will have as its main goal the intent to create happy families and happy people.

It will support the emergence of a culture that understands the keys to the preservation of love in families – a culture that stresses the importance of conscious procreation and educates about the dangers of haphazard conception and the brutality of technological birth.

This new system will take as its first task the job of allotting each willing family a 2.5 acre parcel of land on which to create family domains – i.e., individual spaces of love to be held in perpetuity so that each family may pass it on to their young.

These 2.5 acre parcels of land are to be given to each family FREE OF CHARGE so that we, as a species, may immediately be reunited with our Motherland, and begin the work of healing our planet and aligning with the original plan for Creation.

All spaces of love will be easily and delightfully turned into flourishing gardens filled with foods that are seeded and grown in love. These foods will not only nourish our bodies, but will also enhance our ability to understand and communicate directly with the Divine Mind.

This new governing paradigm will bring an end to the old system that has been holding Hawaiian land for ransom, illegally selling off parcels to the highest bidder, and preventing a huge number of Hawaiian residents from accessing land on which to create a space of love for their families.

This new system will put an end to the toxification, desecration, and destruction of our Motherland and will make it priority to protect and honor all life – including our inter-species relatives now living in Earth’s oceans, forests, and skies.

This community will be an inspiration to many, and the entire Earth will follow suit and become an infinitely sustainable, flourishing garden made up of happy families, joyously interacting with other species and deeply connected to their Motherland.

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