For the Healing of our Planet and the Birth of a New Humanity

Dear friends and family – thank you for taking the time to visit this page.

As waves of transformation sweep across our planet and opportunities for a new world abound, it seems that now is the time for us to act on our dreams, especially if they can help move our world in a positive direction.

And so I have created a crowdfunding campaign with the intention of manifesting something beautiful and powerful — something that will support our youth and the Earth’s incoming children while bolstering family stability and restoring love to its rightful place in our world.

The Birth of a New Earth Therapeutic Community is intended to do all of this and more by serving a population of underprivileged, at-risk, homeless or abandoned youth, especially those between the ages of 18-25.

The community is being created to provide safe haven for those who do not have adequate family support and who may have spent years within the social service system only to find themselves without resources once they turn 18.

The community seeks to provide quality housing and nutrition as well as education, healing and emotional/spiritual support to assist troubled youth in building skills and knowledge that will empower the creation of a happy future.


First and foremost, the community will focus on young adults because it is a population in need.  In my own personal experience, I know several young adults who’ve had a difficult life due to parental neglect or mistreatment.  Some have spent years inside the foster care system and have suffered through parental abuse, abandonment, and/or rejection.  Others have been in and out of “teen rehabilitation” units or shuffled back and forth between one addicted or abusive parent and another.  Still others have spent time in jail.  Now, as they enter adulthood, they are being thrown out to the cruel ways of our world having never received proper guidance or support and having never experienced what it feels like to be truly nurtured, cared for, or loved.  I very much want to do something to help, especially because I have skills and knowledge that can make a difference for these youth.

Secondly, most of these young people are already sexually active and a few have become pregnant and/or had abortions.  Our society has seen fit to offer them “sex education” through school, but no one has provided them with truly meaningful conversation about how to create healthy, loving relationships or discussed with them the long-term ramifications of haphazard sexual behavior or the psycho-social and spiritual consequences of gestating babies in wombs where they are not wanted, or worse, having them murdered while they are still in the womb.

This complete lack of moral guidance is a crime against our youth and is made worse by the fact that they have also been denied viable methods by which to heal their family trauma.  Without moral guidance and tools to heal their past, these at-risk youth are in danger of repeating the cycle of abuse and neglect and passing it on to their young.  This is a social time bomb that must be addressed in order to prevent further suffering.

The Birth of a New Earth Therapeutic Community seeks to remedy this largely unacknowledged and unaddressed problem by offering a unique educational program about pregnancy and parenting, as well as tools and healing modalities that can help those who’ve had a difficult life heal their wounds and put an end to the intergenerational transmission of trauma.

The Birth of a New Earth Curriculum was created for this express purpose and has been refined over a number of years to help young people get back on the path to love.  A core tenet of the curriculum is that enduring family love is fundamental to human happiness and fulfillment.  To create a stable and loving family, it is important to heal past trauma and engage in preparatory work prior to the conception of children.

The Curriculum takes students from A-Z in terms of understanding how to create healthy relationships and how to birth and raise children in the most loving way.  Some of the topics that are covered in the curriculum include:

  • how to heal past trauma using energy medicine and daily self-care;

  • how to create and choose relationships based on authentic love rather than carnal attraction;

  • how to avoid the repetition of damaging family patterns in relationships;

  • how to prepare for the conception of a child and create a loving and welcoming environment for the child to be conceived and born into;

  • understanding the long-term ramifications of haphazard conception and the benefits of conceiving babies consciously;

  • the importance of the first nine months in the womb and its influence on the rest of our lives;

  • understanding the types of trauma that can occur during gestation and childbirth and the impact of technological interference during pregnancy, labor and birth;

  • what to expect during the birth process and how to birth babies gently and easily;

  • how to create the most loving, welcoming and peaceful birth environment possible;

  • the important role of the father during the childbearing year; and

  • how to raise happy and healthy children and preserve love in families forever.

The Curriculum has been inspired, in part, by the Ringing Cedars of Russia books written by Vladimir Megre.   These books contain a wealth of information about the importance of conscious conception and the benefits of educating future parents on how to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth and what the role of the father should be during this most important time.

The Curriculum is further informed by my years of professional study and training in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology and my understanding of the impact that prenatal and birth experiences have on our psyche and on our physical, mental and spiritual health throughout life.

My certifications in the use of energy medicine for the healing of prenatal and birth trauma are also integrated into this curriculum, as are my years of experience as a curriculum designer and professional educator in institutions of higher learning and in the private sector.

In sum, the curriculum is designed to spark healing and transformation and get young people thinking deeply about love, relationships, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting — topics that are essential for the creation of a happy life and yet are rarely, if ever, discussed in any school.

All future parents deserve to have this kind of education but it is especially important for those who have not had healthy parenting and who have never had appropriate role models to demonstrate the way.



In addition to providing healthy food, quality housing, meaningful education and viable healing, The Birth of a New Earth Therapeutic Community will also offer permanent ground to those who meet the requirements and desire to become lifetime residents of the community.

This is one of the most unique aspects of the healing program and will ultimately lead to the the creation of multiple family domains on community property and the continued expansion of the settlement.

In the Ringing Cedars of Russia books, family domains are referred to as “Spaces of Love,” and each one consists of approximately 2.5 acres of land to be held in perpetuity by a family and passed on from one generation to the next. Each generation seeks to perfect the dwelling space and make it a place of love, beauty, peace and harmony — a place where children can be happy and safe — a place created especially for them by their parents and ancestors.

Each Space of Love is intended to be regenerative and spiritually protective and will be created within a community of like-minded souls that share common goals and values and seek to live close to, and in harmony with, nature. The main focus of the community will be the raising of happy children. Family love will be recognized as the centerpiece of a joyful, healthy life.

For those who have never had the support of a loving family or a place on the Earth that they can call home, this portion of the program will no doubt prove to be tremendously healing and beneficial.



Another unique aspect to this therapeutic community involves the voluntary enrollment of its participants.  Unlike other “teen rehabilitation” programs that whisk young people away in the middle of the night (sometimes in handcuffs) and house them against their will in prison-like environments while drugging them in order to achieve compliance, this community will be completely voluntary and non-invasive in its approach to healing and transformation.  No one will be forced to come to this community and only those who truly want to be part of it will remain.

The services we render should be given at no cost to the youth, although all residents will be asked to be of service to the community according to their skills, desires, and abilities.  Perhaps in due time some of our “graduates” will become “foster parents” themselves and act to support newcomers in their process of healing and empowerment.

Those who decide to become permanent members of the community and create their Space of Love on community property will be taught the myriad skills necessary for the building of sustainable homes and gardens. These skills include, but are not limited to, organic gardening, soil remediation, architecture, carpentry, woodworking, solar heating and electric, flooring, window and roof framing, etc. — i.e., everything necessary for the creation of a beautiful and harmonious Space of Love.

The community will need to hire skilled and supportive adults who are competent in these and other areas and able teach these skills to young people. We will also need to acquire the tools and materials necessary for these endeavors as well as the funds necessary to make it all possible.

At all times, we will strive to maintain a healthy, non-toxic environment, avoiding the use of chemicals whenever possible and keeping the community drug, alcohol and television free.



The first step toward the establishment of this community will be the search for land (approximately 100 acres). The land should be in a rural area, away from the sights and sounds of the technological world and a good distance from any roads on which cars travel at high speeds.

The land should also be only a short distance (not more than 30-40 minutes) from a nearby friendly town or small city where supplies can be accessed as well as any healthy, organic foods that may be needed over and above what we are able to grow ourselves.

Above all else, the land should be beautiful, with lots of green, gently rolling hills, plenty of clean, clear, pristine water and a variety of healthy trees, plants, wildflowers, etc., all of which are pleasing in scent and appearance. Plenty of south facing land on which to grow food would be ideal, and close proximity to the ocean would also be beneficial as the sound of the ocean, coupled with negative ions, can assist in the healing process.

This land should have a clear view to the east and the west so that sunrise and sunset can be seen without obstruction and residents can commune with nature and with God during these most beautiful times of the day.

The land should also have at least one or two sustainably-built homes already on it that have clean, clear energy, lots of sunlight, fully functioning plumbing, electric and internet service, and a very good heating and cooling system. These homes need to be available right away so that I can move onto the land immediately and begin taking in young people as soon as possible.

Travel will likely be necessary in order to find the right location for this project and land will be considered both within and outside of the United States.

Once the land has been acquired and appropriate space has been obtained, we will begin the advertising process to let more people know about the community. Hopefully, this will attract the right staff so that we can begin building more community structures as soon as possible and taking in more young people.

Healing and counseling programs will begin immediately as each young person arrives, and the formal curriculum will be taught in 20 week intervals at least twice a year.

The youth will be asked to care for plants and animals while they are with us, and they will be learning how to garden and steward the land while simultaneously learning to love and care of themselves.



There is much more to the development of this community than I can outline in this introduction, but I am hopeful that those who read this will get a strong sense of what I want to create and seek to support it.

Without the support of a kind and generous world community, something of this magnitude cannot happen. I am hopeful that once we are able to really ground this into form, this type of community will become a model for others and spread around the world.

Please look into your hearts and souls and support this effort at whatever level you are able. For as little as $1 per month (or as much as you are willing and able to contribute), you can be part of something powerful and beautiful — something that is destined to change our world and move it in a positive direction. Please don’t sit on the sidelines or turn the other way. Join this wave of transformation and support this effort. The world needs good people to ACT now so that we can reclaim our planet and save our children from suffering.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this. I am wishing you all the very best. Please take the time to visit the crowdfunding campaign and review all the rewards that are being offered to our patrons. We truly hope you’ll join us!

PS – In the moment that I completed this outline, a flock of geese flew over my house, speaking to me of a victory in process. Geese fly in a “V” formation. “V” is for victory!

Here is some of what Ted Andrews, in his book “Animal Speak” has to say about geese:

“…There are eight species of geese in North America. This is very symbolic in that the number eight is so similar to the symbol for infinity. It reflects an ability to move forward or backward. It reflects movement, and in the case of the goose, a call to the spiritual quest. This is further exemplified by its migration patterns and behaviors. Their leaving in the autumn stirs our imagination and makes us want to search out new worlds and dimensions. Their incessant honking seems to be calling us to follow them on the great spiritual quest. Their return is a harbinger of spring second only to the robin. It speaks of the fulfilled promises that great quests bring.

The goose epitomizes the mystery of migration. They constantly shift formation, creating wind drafts and easier flights for those behind them in the formation. This reminds us that as any one individual makes his or her quest, it becomes easier for the others to do so as well. They never fly directly behind one another. Each goose’s view is unobstructed, reminding us that we should not undertake any quest in life without having a full view of what it entails. In this way, the journey is facilitated for others.

The V-formation is very symbolic in itself. It reflects by its shape an opening to new possibilities. It is like an arrowhead, pointing to new directions and new possibilities, and with one end open, it also reflects an openness to new ideas… This formation usually indicated we are about to affix ourselves to a new path.

For anyone with a goose as a totem, greater vision, physical and spiritual, will occur.

…Goslings are very quiet, especially in the first part of life, and then they learn to break free. A goose as a totem can reflect that you are about to break free of old childhood restraints and begin to come into your own…”