COVID Vaccine Causing Miscarriage and Fetal Damage

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Posted at National Vaccine Information Center

From the 2/12/2021 release of VAERS data:

Found 111 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Symptom is Aborted pregnancy or Abortion or Abortion spontaneous or Abortion spontaneous complete or Abortion spontaneous incomplete or Abortion threatened or Exposure during pregnancy or Foetal-maternal haemorrhage or Foetal cardiac disorder or Foetal damage or Foetal death or Foetal disorder or Foetal distress syndrome or Foetal heart rate abnormal or Foetal heart rate deceleration or Foetal heart rate deceleration abnormality or Foetal heart rate decreased or Foetal heart rate disorder or Foetal heart rate increased or Foetal hypokinesia or Foetal malformation or Foetal malpresentation or Foetal monitoring abnormal or Foetal movement disorder or Foetal movements decreased or Foetal non-stress test abnormal or Placental disorder or Pregnancy induced hypertension or Pregnancy test positive or Premature baby or Premature baby death or Premature delivery or Premature labour or Premature rupture of membranes or Premature separation of placenta or Stillbirth or Ultrasound foetal abnormal


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