Private Sessions – Birth Preparation and/or Birth Trauma Healing

For those seeking private sessions for birth trauma healing, preconception preparation, pregnancy and childbirth preparation or parenting support, please register below by clicking the appropriate link.


Please Note:   private sessions are available for Ministry members only.  Please see this link for more information about the Ministry and to learn how you can become a member.  Thank you.

Private sessions are approximately 90 minutes in length and the cost is $150.  

To register please click here.



Special Pricing is Available for a Series of Sessions

5 hours for $450 or
10 hours for $850
20 hours for $1500

Sessions to be scheduled at mutually convenient times.

Simply hit the appropriate blue button below to register or email for more info.


5 Hours of One-on-One Counseling

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10 Hours of One-on-One Counseling

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20 Hours of One-on-One Counseling

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Please note:  If you register for a series of sessions and decide at some point that you do not want to complete all the sessions, you can apply any unused fees toward other programs.  No refunds will be issued so please give serious consideration to whether you  are an appropriate match for this work.


5 thoughts on “Private Sessions – Birth Preparation and/or Birth Trauma Healing

  1. Hi.

    I saw your interview with JC Kay. Everything you said resonates deeply.

    I had a horrific birth experience. My little girl is 3 years old now and I would like to heal her and myself before she gets much older.

    I live in South Africa and our rands are worth basically nothing so to exchange that to dollars is a fortune. How many coaching sessions will it take? What am I looking at cost wise?

    If I can’t afford the sessions can you please recommend books so I can try and diy it?

    I am horrified and absolutely desperate to heal this story. I have terrible guitar towards my little girl.

    I tried sueing my doctor for medical malpractice but didn’t get anywhere.

    I am so grateful to you for talking about this. Many mothers carry deep sorrow because of their pregnancy birth stories. Thank you for everything you do.


  2. I didn’t realize the depth of the trauma I have been holding inside until I watching JC Kay’s powerful interview with Jeanice recently. I’ve known for years it was something that I needed to heal and would hold me back in spiritual growth if I didn’t. Problem is, it’s so deep and painful, I haven’t really wanted it to go there. But there is something about Jeanice and the things she talked about that inspired me to take a step forward and begin the healing process.
    I just had a session with her, and I knew she would be a safe harbor to bring some of these hidden emotions from traumatic pregnancies, the conception of my daughter and the trauma of childbirth— all of which have lead to issues that are still impacting me currently. Just being able to voice some of what I had stuffed down…as well as some of the new realizations since listening to that interview…and being supported in a very non-judgmental way…was a powerful start to letting this go. I have so much gratitude for these two women and the wisdom they share.
    Thank you Jeanice and JC

    • Kris – thank YOU for that beautiful comment and for your courage and willingness to heal. I applaud you and thank you for the work you are doing to make yourself and our world a better place. You are amazing and it was my great pleasure to support you.


  3. Dear Jeanice

    I have recently come across your work & have learnt so much! Thankyou! I had a very long trauamatic birth, and as the lady mentioned above, I would like to help heal my boy ( also 3) for trauma he endured, and also myself.
    I knew that ultrasounds weren’t great, but had no idea of the devastation they can cause. I am so grateful to you Jeanice for all of your work and information you’ve shared.
    I can’t seem to find your contact details, as I would love to book in a session with you?
    And I also love your interview with JC Kay about the Ringing Cedars….

    Kindest regards


    • Hi Robyn – I’ve responded to you through a private email. I’m looking forward to working with you.


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