Private Sessions – Birth Preparation and/or Birth Trauma Healing

For those seeking one-on-one (or couples) support for preconception preparation, pregnancy and childbirth preparation, and/or birth trauma healing, private sessions are available with Jeanice.  Individual coaching sessions are approximately 90 minutes in length and cost $150.   To register please click on the blue link below.


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Special Pricing Available for a Series of Sessions

5 hours for $450 or
10 hours for $800


Sessions to be scheduled at mutually convenient times.

Simply hit the appropriate blue button below to register or email for more info.


5 Hours of One-on-One Coaching

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10 Hours of One-on-One Coaching

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One thought on “Private Sessions – Birth Preparation and/or Birth Trauma Healing

  1. Hi.

    I saw your interview with JC Kay. Everything you said resonates deeply.

    I had a horrific birth experience. My little girl is 3 years old now and I would like to heal her and myself before she gets much older.

    I live in South Africa and our rands are worth basically nothing so to exchange that to dollars is a fortune. How many coaching sessions will it take? What am I looking at cost wise?

    If I can’t afford the sessions can you please recommend books so I can try and diy it?

    I am horrified and absolutely desperate to heal this story. I have terrible guitar towards my little girl.

    I tried sueing my doctor for medical malpractice but didn’t get anywhere.

    I am so grateful to you for talking about this. Many mothers carry deep sorrow because of their pregnancy birth stories. Thank you for everything you do.


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