The Important Role of the Father During The Childbearing Year —– 3-Part Webinar Series

Greetings friends and family!

I am very pleased to announce a special parenting program designed  to empower men and educate anyone interested about the important role of the father during the childbearing year.

This groundbreaking series begins Thursday, September 5, 2019, and will run for three consecutive Thursdays from 7:00-8:30pm U.S. Eastern.

The series is intended to fill a void in our society which offers little or no support for future fathers and fails to honor or even acknowledge the significant role that men need to play during the conception, gestation and birth of their children.

During our three-week journey together, we will explore the father’s role during the entire primal period, beginning with discussions about preconception preparation and what men can do to help create a healthy preconception environment. 

The course then moves on to explore the spiritual significance of male consciousness and the impact of dad’s thoughts and feelings during the conception and gestation of their children. 

Later, we will examine  the extremely important role of the father during childbirth and what men can do to enhance safety and security for their baby as well as their beloved, while maximizing the potential for healthy bonding between themselves, their children and their partners.

We will lastly discuss the importance of conscious parenting and the myriad things men can do to help raise a healthy and happy child.

This 3-part series is designed to help men understand what they need to do to preserve love in their families and take back their power from medical usurpation. 

The medical system has been skillful in relegating fathers to the peripheral background during both pregnancy and childbirth.  Presenting themselves as the all-important figures during pregnancy and childbirth, medical doctors have literally stepped into the father’s role and claimed it as their own.


Where is the father in this picture? 

What do we suppose is happening in the heart and mind of a father who witnesses a male doctor presenting himself as the all-important figure during his child’s birth?

This is an unacceptable trend and is contributing to a breakdown in family love. 

Fathers need to have a primary presence during birth.  They need to be restored to their proper place during the conception, gestation, and birth of their children.   This course is designed to help.

Cost for the three-part series is $125. To register, please click on the blue link below.

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PLEASE NOTE: All classes are approximately 90-120 minutes in length and will be offered via webinar.  They are available worldwide with a telephone and/or internet connection. FOR THOSE WITH SCHEDULING CONFLICTS, ALL CLASSES WILL BE RECORDED AND THE VIDEO WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD AT THE LISTENER’S CONVENIENCE.


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