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Birth of a New Earth Ministry is a multifaceted educational and healing ministry dedicated to transforming the Earth by transforming the way we give birth.  Our mission is aligned with the prophetic vision outlined in the Ringing Cedars books written by Vladimir Megre, to wit…  we intend to create the future Earth as a pristine, flourishing garden filled with happy families and joyful children who are wise, loving, and pure.


This beautiful future Earth, which we are now ready to bring into form, will be created, in part, by bringing children to this earth consciously, purposefully, and in a mutual explosion of love.

We see the children being very much wanted by their parents and lovingly nurtured and cared for by their family and community.  We see them manifesting into our world in accordance with the Creator’s design, without any form of trauma or technocratic interference from the dark side.

We see the parents of these children consciously preparing for their arrival.  Such preparation allows for the children to come into this world with all of their spiritual capacities intact.

We see the children being able to communicate with nature and all of Creation because they have maintained their link with the Divine Mind.

These children feel 100% safe in our world knowing who they are and what their purpose is on this Earth.  They emanate love with their very presence.  They are our greatest teachers.


Members of this Ministry understand that this vision is a key to the healing of our world.

We believe that loving families and happy, healthy children lay the foundation for a healthy and stable society and a kind and loving world.

Therefore, despite the myriad challenges we may face in trying to overcome the dark force’s relentless attempts to cause a breakdown in the family, we are committed to overcoming their efforts by supporting young adults to heal their past trauma and learn the keys to preserving love in their family forever.

By emphasizing the benefits of preconception preparation, and offering quality education to young adults about the importance of conscious conception, trauma-free gestation, gentle birth, and conscious parenting, we believe Mankind can rapidly transmute the darkness and transform this Earth in a single generation.

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Childbirth is a major event.  It is designed by our Creator to be the fulfillment and culmination of human love.  In its highest expression, childbirth enables a couple to take their love into eternity through the conscious creation of life.  However, for Mankind to attain this high expression of childbirth, parents must first have high aspirations for their forthcoming progeny and earnestly seek the way to prepare themselves fully for the arrival of a Divine Child.


If such preparation does not take place, and if conception is the result of haphazard or loveless fleshy encounter, the child is likely to end up being gestated in a womb where it is not wanted — a womb filled with fear, toxicity and trauma. If this innocent child is not murdered through abortion (which causes massive spiritual ramifications that young adults ought to be made aware of), the mother of this child is likely to have a difficult time giving birth to her unwanted creation.  She will not be able to bond with her child properly and this will cause massive suffering, especially for the child.  The father, too, will suffer as a result of creating a child with a woman he does not love and having to watch as his progeny struggles through life, having not had parents who prepared the way for him or her.

Moreover, if the parents allow the medical establishment to impose their myriad technological interventions during pregnancy or birth, this too, is likely to cause massive trauma that can negatively interfere with the development of the child and the well-being of the mother and father too.

Trauma that occurs during conception, gestation and/or birth can immediately break a child’s link with the Divine Mind. It can negatively effect the child’s long-term spiritual, psychological, neurological and physiological development and cause a cascade of unpleasant experiences for the mother and/or father such as postpartum depression and/or postpartum PTSD.

Negative experiences during pregnancy and/or birth can also cause a breakdown in marriages leading to divorce, single parenting, fatherless children, and a number of other social ills that can be completely avoided if pregnancy and childbirth are approached in the right way.


Birth of a New Earth Ministry seeks to prevent these poor outcomes by providing future parents with the education and tools they need to prepare themselves properly for conscious conception, gestation, birth and parenting.  Courses offered through our Ministry will provide young adults with much needed information about the importance of conscious procreation and the steps necessary to create a trauma-free pregnancy and a joyful, love-filled birth.  We believe this type of education is essential for the well-being of incoming children and their parents and that it will have its greatest impact when offered to teens and young adults before they conceive their children.

Birth of a New Earth Ministry also plans to offer instruction in healing modalities that can assist with the prevention and healing of birth trauma.  We seek to help those who are searching for ways to transform their early-life traumas so that they too, may experience joyful, love-filled relationships and the happy co-creation of children and family.

As we grow and stabilize this Ministry, we will seek to help orphaned and foster care children as well.  In time, we hope to expand our work to help animals who have been neglected, abandoned, or harmed.

Because we understand that exposure to all forms of wireless and ultrasonic radiation are extremely harmful to developing babies and their parents, we have made the choice to keep the venue for Birth of a New Earth Ministry free of all wireless radiation and devices.

Only hard-wired, ethernet-connected technologies will be permitted on the premises.  No wireless devices of any kind will be allowed inside the venue or on the property through which our Ministry operates.

Birth of a New Earth Ministry also intends to create an organic market filled with healthy vegetarian foods and baked goods, herbal remedies, organic plant starts, seeds grown and collected by members of the Ministry from our own organic garden, non-toxic clothing, non-toxic toys, arts and crafts, books that are aligned with our vision, crystals that can help support healing, and more.

We aspire to have Birth of a New Earth Ministry spread around the world and expand into communities of like-minded souls who are committed to the vision of conscious birth and parenting.  These communities will be made up of people who are dedicated to bringing children into this world gently and in love, in accordance with the Divine Plan, so that together we may all participate in the co-creation of the Divine Dream here on Earth – a dream that is wholly based on happy families and the fulfillment of human love.


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