Jeanice Barcelo is an author, educator, researcher, and birth advocate dedicated to exposing the harm being caused by medical interventions during pregnancy and birth. In her first book, “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine,” Jeanice offers a critical analysis of the medical model and exposes systematic abuse of mothers and infants during hospital birth. Jeanice argues that medical violence is deliberate and methodical and reveals a decades long agenda to alter Mankind by inflicting trauma on us at the earliest stages of our lives.

In her newly released second book, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound,” Jeanice offers a ground-breaking analysis of the documented facts concerning the dangers of prenatal ultrasound. Much of the information contained in the book has been previously kept hidden from the public. Despite the medical establishment repeating the mantra that ultrasound is “just sound waves” and therefore “perfectly safe” during pregnancy, in truth, ultrasound is based on non-ionizing radiation, and many thousands of studies have confirmed that this type of radiation is harmful, especially for children and developing babies in the womb.The book is groundbreaking in its scope and contains more than 1800 citations that confirm the severity of harm.

In addition to her work exposing the dangers of medical interference in the birth process, Jeanice has also lectured extensively on topics relating to human sexuality and pornography.  She is the creator of a double DVD series entitled “Human Sexuality, Pornography, and the Attack on Human Love” in which she exposes a sinister agenda to socially engineer humanity through the manipulation of our sexual attitudes and behavior.  The DVD series reveals the mechanisms through which we and our children are being harmed.

Through her public appearances and radio shows, Jeanice has lectured extensively on these and other topics and has created an important curriculum designed to put an end to the trauma and restore humanity’s capacity to love.   She offers a 20-week parenting program to help people prepare for conscious conception and birth as well as courses designed especially for men.

To learn more about Jeanice and her work, please visit the many pages of this website or visit Jeanice’s other website: www.RadiationDangers.com

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  1. I would like to share a story about what happened to a group of RH- mothers on WICK (public assistance) in Paso Robles, CA. This was told to me by an Rh- mother who attended the meeting. Only Rh- women on public assistance were invited to the meeting, where they were told that there was something wrong with then and the presenters requested that these mothers voluntarily allow regular Ultrasound interventions far beyond what doctors would do in anything other than a problem pregnancy. They wanted to experiment on them and there unborn children. The young woman who told about this immediately smelled a rat (knew they were up to something) and didn’t do it. They were trying to get more Ultrasounds into the fetuses of Rh- women.

    • Hi Melinda – Thanks for sharing! I would be very interested to learn more about this. They certainly are interested in Rh- moms. And they are messing with the children big time not only through ultrasound, but also through the Rhogam shots. I’ve discussed this in Session 18 of my parenting class. The recording is available for $33 for people who are interested.

      Rh-moms hold a special place in the eyes of the medical establishment. I am not exactly sure why and wou

      • i’m rh- mum, they wanted my cord blood, kept going on about it, they cut the cord so quick after birth, terrible I realise now, anyway I noticed shortly after they took it there was a test tube on the floor spilling all this blood I pointed it out to the nurse and she was obviously freaked by it and cleaned it up..i kept my birth cake tho, the placenta- took it home and planted a pear tree on it xx I think it was the only right thing I did, wish i’d known all that i’ve learnt from you jeanice ..before I had my baby, love to you

        • Amanda – that is great that you planted a pear tree with the placenta. What a beautiful offering for your child. That will be a special place for your child to go to gain strength and spiritual connection. It’s truly wonderful that you did this. As for everything else, do not be hard on yourself sister. You did not know the danger you were in or the intent of those who were allegedly trying to “help” you. You did your best and that is all you could do at the time. Please try not to be too hard on yourself. Sending you huge hugs.

      • Hi Jeanice. How/where do I purchase the $33 video of session 18 of your parenting class? As I am Rh- and trying to conceive my first child at the moment.

          • Hi Jeanice. I would also love more information about being an Rh- mama. My whole life Ive dreamed of being a mother and that chapter of my life is around the corner. Funny enough most of my closest soul sisters are also Rh- and we are aware yet also highly skeptical of the mainstream narrative about what that means as a mama, and not one of us plan on having any medical intervention or help for any part of our pregnancies or deliveries. Any info would be so appreciated.

            P.S Ive been reading all of the Ringing Cedars books and am so in love with them as they remind my of my childhood growing up in the rural interior of Catalina Island, so immersed and in tune with nature. Thank you for recommending them! You are a blessing to many!

          • Hi Natalie – Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad you are interested to prepare yourself prior to the conception of children. Reading the Ringing Cedars books has the potential to provide you and your family with so many gifts!!! BRAVO about you reading them!

            Regarding information about Rh- “prenatal care”, I highly recommend you sign up for Program #5 described at this link: https://birthofanewearth.com/2019/04/7-new-programs-for-2022-designed-to-educate-uplift-and-empower/

            We will be going into some depth on this topic because what the medical establishment is doing to Rh- moms and their babies is of serious concern and is hurting alot of children. People need to know the facts. I have not written much about this and have only talked about it sporadically, though we do cover it in the Parenting Program. Apart from your participation in the full 20-week program, the upcoming webinar mentioned above will be the deepest information offered on this topic. I hope you can join us.

            Please let me know if I can be of any further support.

      • Hi both , Anunnaki are O blood line, they developed RH as the bridge to make O compatible with human blood lines so that they could breed with humans, its a D protein, they did it because if two species chromosomes don’t match the result is sterile offspring, And D protein palliates to that, AB is a naturally evolved human line to breed with O, if you have it your blood is +D if not your blood is -D , if a human female with -D blood becomes pregnant with a +D foetus her body will produce antigens signalling her immune system that the foetus is toxic , The woman’s body will instinctively try to kill the foetus because D protein is Extra-Terrestrial , generations of our own cross breeding has meant its now in all our blood lines which means we can all take it ,and is the reason they give a -D woman injections through her pregnancy so that the body doesn’t reject the foetus ❤✨

        • Mandy – thank you for this profound input. I think this is spot-on. Can you point me in the direction of where I might learn more about this? I knew there was an Annunaki connection but did not understand they were doing it to make their genetics compatible with Mankind’s genetics in order to create their hu-mans — i.e., altered Mankind. I find this information fascinating.

    • Wow, I’ve always wondered about the possibility of my rh neg status and taking rhogam being linked to my son’s autism. So many things to figure out.

    • Jonas – RIGHT-ON! I love what you have written and I think it is spot on. Thank you so much for sharing that! And thanks for appreciating my interview with Pastor Butch. I truly love talking with him.

      • Discretion IS the better part of Valor, Sister!
        Some things ARE still ‘Private’ and “nobody’s damn business”… just as we drivers ALL once knew, but only some still recognize that ‘Pedestrians – even dumb or absentminded ones, or those occupied on a scrying box – HAVE the right of way’.

  2. medicine is all dark side. it was specifically created that way in conjunction with “schools”.
    thank you, jeanice.

    • Indeed. It is not even medicine. It is sorcery designed to kill people slowly, after draining their life force and their money.

  3. Dear Jeanice,
    I ordered your book, The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound – Part 1, and was billed for $15, but I never received it. I would really like to have a copy to share with my pregnant daughter in law.
    Thank you for spreading this information!

    • Hi Maria – on April 7, the book was emailed to you and you replied to the email saying thank you. Could you please search your email data base to locate the book? Thanks.

  4. Hi jeanice,
    Your the only one I trust…my daughter is pregnant early, they are saying she has an amionic band, should we be scared?









    • Hi Dionysos – thanks for appreciating the interview. Unfortunately, I am no longer on facebook (or youtube), so am unable to view your page! I wish I could comment, but alas, I am unable to. Wishing you all the best anyway.

        “SIEGE”, an essay by James MASON, 3rd edition, 2015

        “Iron March” editions, pp.553

        We have wanted to read the above essay, not yet translated into French, written by a Great Fan of Charles Manson for a long time. We had read articles on this essay in two Italian books which will be revealed to you as you read. Before we start the presentation we would like to tell you that this essay is online for everyone and that’s how we read it, although we don’t really like that kind of reading online. The first American edition was made by Michael Moynihan, ex President of the Church of Satan in San Francisco, by his old house “Storm Books” in 1993. The second edition was made by Ryan Schuster and his dead house today “Black Sun Publications” in 2003. Finally we read the third one edited by “Iron March” in 2015. It is the latter which is online and we preferred it since with this last the page numbering is not erased.

        James Mason is also an admirer of the “Order” led by David Lane, incarcerated for his terrorist action and died in prison in 2007. The latter was the model for the organization of his own terrorist organization “Atomwaffen Division” (Division of nuclear weapons). In this book there is no reference to the latter since the first edition was made long before its creation. James Nolan Mason (his full name) was born in 1952 in Chillicothe, Ohio. Very young at the end of the 1960s, he became a supporter of Lincoln-Rockwell’s American Nazi Party. This work “Siege” (without accent in English) is in fact an anthology of articles written for the eponymous journal of the same organization between 1980-1986. We had the honor of reading this book simultaneously as an audio book recited by Great American Comrade Alex Linder, publisher of the “Vanguard News Network” site and also of “Kirksville Today”. It is the latter that hosts our articles translated into English the recent months!

        Mason incites us to the Revolution but, since we were very disappointed by the leftist indications of the distant past for this term misinterpreted by all “politicians”, we were very excited by Mason’s own radical imagination. He implies that this new revolution today will be practiced with Charles Manson as a model of action. Thus we will reorganize the rebirth of the white race and the latter will be “free of alien genes” (without interbreeding with the genes of blacks). This work is at the same time revisionist since Mason tells on page 139 “the whiners of the concentration camps” and his “lie to six million victims” (op.cit. Page 139). A little further on he tells us “why Hitler won” (op.cit.page 192) and exposes his arguments to us “why our white world has become black” (op.cit.page 194) since supports “alien interests”, the interests of blacks (op.cit.page 198). The governments that have succeeded each other since 1945 have “destroyed the previous white life” (op.cit.page 235). They supported “niggerization”, which is surely a neologism invented by Mason or his acolytes. “Manson had seen the threat” (op.cit.page 202). As proof he advances the argument that “most crimes are committed by blacks” (op.cit.page 215).

        Michael Moynihan (singer of the band “Blood Axis”) was the first editor of this book and he thinks that “Mason could not care less what the average citizen thinks. Now he waits patiently for the day when society entirely on which most of the people depend, in addition to all the civilization present on the planet, collapses in chaos and destruction “(in” Day of blood “by Max Ribaric, France, 2012, Camion Noir editions , page 112). Mason is the first to put forward throughout his work Charles Manson as leader of the new revolution since “there is a great philosopher and leader among us and still active today as he has been for more than eighteen years (in our opinion this article was written in 1986 and then repeated in the first and second editions of “Siege” – note by DA), with a world famous name and reputation and a thought of its own, well that little compact, of similar dimension – if not superior – to those of all the groups of the radical right joined together …. I am speaking to you about Charles Manson “(in” As wolves among sheeps “of Max Ribaric and Davide Maspero, Camion Noir editions, page 722, France, 2014).

        written by Dionysos ANDRONIS

  6. Hi Jeanice,
    thanks and love your work. I want to say thanks for opening our eyes. I am hearing and reading and watching lots of youtube on how babies are stolen from mum on birth. It is very important to understand that home birth is way you have kids, with your family and friends, Take care!

    • Hi Elizabeta — yes you are spot-on. Sometimes they deliberately switch babies too. Hospitals are not safe places to give birth. On the contrary.

  7. Hello Jeanice,

    I am located in Sydney, Australia – can you please advise the best way i can purchase both your books “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine” and “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation” and paying only one shipping fee if possible? 🙏

    Also may i please request your email address or if you can please email me? I would like to please ask you a few questions personally re birth. Many thanks, Maria

  8. Our family just lost our first grandbaby this past weekend. It has been very emotional and traumatic for all of us, espceially of course my dear daughter and her husband. This was going to be their first baby. She was in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy (20 weeks) and I got a text from her saying “I had a miscarriage”.

    She had went in this past Friday for a regular pregnancy visit and was so thrilled because she has been gaining weight quite nicely and she takes care of herself well. During the examination, they decided to do another routine ultrasound on her, which was her 4th one during her pregnancy. Only this time they had problems detecting the babies heartbeat.They tried checking other areas of her tummy with the ultrasound device and since they could not hear anything, they told her she had a miscarriage. My daughter went in there feeling so happy and healthy and had no kind of symptoms of any problems whatsoever. They told her they would have to induce her so she could deliver the baby and that if that did not happen within a certain time frame, she would have to have a c-section. To prep her for the worse (as though this wasn’t bad enough), they withheld all food until Saturday afternoon when the baby finally came out.

    We live in different states, and my husband and I are in complete shock! I could not help but pray and ask our Creator what happened!!!!!!! As I sat at my computer, crying my heart out, not just for the loss of our grandbaby (whose baby shower we were doing next month), but also for our daughter, We felt like we got hit twice! I came upon something called misdiagnosed miscarriage and started reading how a doctors in Europe who did a study with almost 3000 women said that a woman should be given another week or two to come back so they can re-scan again because mistakes do happen. I could not believe all the information that is available online about these things and it made me question what the hell her doctor was doing? Why would she not allow extra time to be 100{07852e6e605eab5487b14855361b49717f1863b3cb5f40601bc93fc2480bbef1} sure? Why would they prep her automatically for surgery and withholding food? Are ultrasounds even safe?

    I searched and read about ultrasounds and their heating and cavitation and questioned that too, until I found your video Jeanice. Everything made sense to me then and about the radiation. I cannot place the blame on anyone because we don’t exactly know what happened, but knowing that they use ultrasound devices that are 8 times more stronger today is unbelievable. What a cruel form of punishment for women and should be a crime! My daughter is a small/thin gal…..and I questioned myself….How could they use the same device for her that they would for a much heavier woman who has plenty of padding or body fat that may possibly shield the baby?

    Please keep our family in prayer, as we are trying to pick up the pieces a little at a time and it’s been so difficult because they both don’t really want people around at this time and we must respect their privacy. I ordered your book and hope that someday they may consider wanting to venture out again and read EVERYTHING having to do with pregnancy and what the agendas really are out there. It’s an extremely sensitive situation and I don’t want to cause them ANY pain, but I am going to read it to be informed and hopefully be of some help to her the next time around.

    Thank you dear, sweet lady for all the hard work you do. Be blessed

    • Dear Virginia – I am so, so sorry for what has happened to your grand baby and your daughter. There is no greater pain than the loss of a child, and for you to have to bear witness to your daughter’s pain on top of your own grief about her losing the baby – well it is just so much. I have enormous compassion for what you are experiencing. I lost a baby too, so I know how deep the pain goes for all family members. I’m truly so, so sorry.

      Although we don’t know for sure what killed the baby, I’d put money on the idea that the baby’s death was iatrogenically induced. And even though their technology may not have picked up a heartbeat does not mean there was no heartbeat! You are right! They should have waited!!!! It’s outrageous what they did and what they get away with. It’s just so horrid.

      I would recommend encouraging your daughter to go to a midwife next time and have them use a fetoscope instead of ultrasound to listen for the heartbeat. Ultrasound is extremely dangerous and harmful. People need to know the facts about this horrendous technology. And there are so many false positives and so many unnecessary induced abortions. It’s just sickening.

      I am of the mind at this point that we need to avoid the medical establishment like the plague during pregnancy and birth. They are literally killing mothers and babies and there is no benefit to anything they offer. I’m not sure which book you ordered (the ultrasound book or the birth trauma book), but both books may be of help to you at this time. It is good you are interested to educate yourself so you can help your daughter. I do not think she will be in any frame of mind to read my books for at least the next year and perhaps longer. She is dealing with the deepest grief known to humankind — on top of the medical abuse she suffered. It’s all so traumatic and it’s all because of them. I’m just so sorry.

      If you or your daughter would like support during this time, I am available through skype sessions. I am deeply familiar with birth trauma and the pain of losing a child. I might be able to help.

      In the meantime, I will hold you and your family in my prayers. God bless you all and God bless that little baby. May she be delivered swiftly into the arms of love and be protected from all harm.

      Hugs sister,

    • Virginia – I am a first time expectant grandfather. You words resonate so strongly with me I am so deeply sorry for you and your family’s tragic loss. My prayers go out to you.

  9. How do I go about getting you in contact for a potential interview on a podcast for higher minds and exposing the truth.

  10. Jeanine –

    Your website came to my attention via another website wherein the discussion was near death experiences (NDEs). I was especially fascinated with your interview concerning birth trauma, and its impact on human life. Having been aware of the “spirit of conception” when I consciously and intentionally conceived my only child, I have made note of the substantiation of your assertions. You are quite accurate! My daughter is now 26 years of age, and is one of the strongest people I know. Being both kind and physically beautiful, I am concerned that she often burdens herself with too much responsibility. I want to help make her life easier, and be more gentle with her mother, whose “birth traumas” very much resemble those of her own – and mine.
    What you represent in your website is of vast importance to all, and I wish to voice to you my appreciation of your pursuit…

    • Gilbert – thank you so very much for this wonderful feedback. It truly warms my heart! I am always happy when people are able to receive what I say and really see the validity in my assertions. God bless you brother! I’m so glad you exist! And GREAT JOB consciously conceiving your daughter! She is one of the few people on Earth that have been consciously conceived, which sets her apart and above billions of others in terms of spiritual strength and power. Brilliant!!! If either of you need support in healing your birth trauma, please reach out again. I may be able to help you. Wishing you all the best.

  11. Hello!

    I was wondering what you know about wi-fi enabled vehicles? If I turn off the wi-fi on the vehicle, will it still transmit a harmful signal to my body? From my research with GM I am told that the antenna will still be enabled, however, if the wi-fi is turned off, no signal will come through because the software has been disabled even though the hardware is still in tact. I just wanted to know what your thoughts were on this. Do you think harmful frequencies will still be coming through if the antenna is in tact, but the service is shut off, or will turning it off be safe?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

    • Hi Angie – first, I want to direct you to my other website where you can learn more about the various sources of radiation that can be found in cars. Wifi is only one source. Bluetooth devices are another. And there are many more. Check out this link: http://www.radiationdangers.com/automotive-radiation/

      The only way to tell what the radiation levels are in your car once you turn the wifi off is to purchase an EMF meter, which I feel everyone needs to do at this time. Everyone needs to know what is going on in their environments so they can clean them up and get rid of the sources of radiation. I recommend the Acousticom 2 which you can find on Amazon and elsewhere. It usually costs $180.

      Of course, I recommend turning the wifi off and keeping it off. But there are many more things that may be happening in your car that it would be beneficial for you to know about. Please do get the meter. It will help you. And also check out my other website: http://www.RadiationDangers.com

  12. Dear Jeanice, I just discovered you as a result of your talk being posted at the grizzom.blogspot.com site.

    I thought the talk was both brilliant and courageous. I’d love to be able to send it out to my “red pill” mailing list (of about 60), but I can’t find the primary carrier of the video – YT or Bitchute. Can you send me a URL for it?

    Asheville, NC

  13. Dear Jeanice,
    I have just begun to listen to your talks on the Grizzom blog, they are so good. Full of information and delivered in a very sober and focused way. Its so good and inspiring to hear and know that there are people like yourself fighting the darkness that surrounds us all, especially the children. I will listen to all your talks on the grizzom site, there is so much to learn. There is so much I would like to say but its enough I think to just simply thank you from the heart, Cos I know what it means to be a terrified child living in the dark, so its the child with in me who thanks you. May God bless and keep you always.

    • Hewell, thank you for that heartfelt commentary. It means alot. And I think it is the child within me, and the children that I lost at the hands of these evil pricks, that make me do what I do. We have to protect the children. We have to understand the nature of what we are up against. I couldn’t do anything differently even I wanted to. My spirit compels me forward!

      Hugs to you and your inner child,

  14. Hi, Jeanice just wanted to thank you for sharing your innate wisdom and let you know how much you’re needed and that your work in this world is important to humankind. I also wanted to ask your opinions on birth registration,ssn etc…

    • Thanks for this lovely feedback Cybil. I sure do appreciate it. Regarding birth registration, I would recommend getting a certificate of live birth instead of a birth certificate. In terms of an SSN number, I personally would not do that for a baby. Hope this helps.

  15. I apologize if this comment posts more than once. my first attempt is not appearing

    Dear Jeanice,
    I found your website today after watching a youtube video where you talk about pitocin and opioid addiction later in life.
    My two adult sons are addicts. Introduction by drug pushers and Ignorant experimenting in high school are how it all began… Or so I thought, until I came upon your work. My sons were both induced. One involved 9 hours of pitocin induction. severely painful for me as I refused all other drugs and pain meds. I had hoped for the most natural way of bringing my children into the world. This son who was exposed for 9 hours was a quiet and sometimes withdrawn infant and little boy, introverted, and unattached, I wrote it off as simply personality, for the most part he was always by my side or wanting to be in my lap. In adolescence anxiety appeared more obvious.
    My youngest was also induced but his entrance into the world came much faster. He was opposite of his brother, needing to be held constantly, or he would cry. the snuggly packs had been invented by now and thank god, I could get my responsibilities taken care of while never leaving his side or letting him sit and cry. He slept next to me nursing most of the night away, and didn’t leave our bed at night till he was in second grade.
    Now that I have read some of your investigation into synthetic oxytocin or pitocin and the damaging affects it has on pleasure receptors and bonding, I am devastated to know that it didn’t have to be this way. They are in their early 20s, suffering from addiction/depression and severe anxiety, and no matter how hard they try and how much support they receive from Us, their parents, they are finding it almost impossible to see a better future, to feel a sense of happiness, to break the desire of addiction.
    I write today to ask for any scientific evidence/research that you know of that will help me fully understand. And, what I can do to help them recover some sense of joy, hope, attachment to those they wish to love, and those that love them so much!
    Meanwhile we have taken the medical route of using inhibiting medications to help them stop abusing the deadly opioids. while all along I have a sinking, and sickening feeling that these medications are only sealing the deal!

    • Kara – it would probably be good for you and I to meet up on skype and I can teach you how to help your sons, if they are willing to receive the help. You are right about the medications that are blocking the opioid receptors. Our ability to love is the core of our humanity and they are using these drugs to block it. And this is causing MASSIVE spiritual and emotional pain that most people do not understand. I will email you and hope that we can set up a time for a session. Thank goodness they have you for a mother as at least they have a loving mother.

      Induction is cruel and abusive. It has to end. These drugs are extremely harmful. Let’s do talk. I am wishing you and your family complete healing.

  16. Hello Jeanice!

    I would love to highlight your important work and message on my show, Rogue Ways! Please accept my invitation to come chat with me for an hour or two! Let me know.


  17. Hi, Janice, I heard you with Greg on THC, I never been so moved and angry over what you have pointed out, although I have 3 healthy children and a happy 29 year relationship I still think about what happened when my wife gave birth and my role,, it all has become clear now, your obviously caring, passionate, knowledgeable and amazing also to the point but that’s the best and only way,, it has to be. God bless, take care, alań x

    • Arthur – thank you for receiving the information with open mind and heart. I am so happy when dads and husbands hear the things I am sharing and truly get it. This is a big part of what is going to change the world. And the world is changing now. We will have an opportunity to bring goodness and love back to this sacred Earth. All it requires is for us to see where we made mistakes and change course. And of course, to help ourselves and our children heal from the trauma.

      I am wishing you and your family all the best. 29 years of marriage in this day is a huge achievement. BRAVO!

  18. My wife and I are expecting our 2nd daughter in October. Leaving aside all of the fear mongering around the “pandemic”, we are facing some very difficult decisions due to my wife receiving the diagnosis of ICP (interhepatic collistasis of pregnancy) during the pregnancy of our first daughter. The fallout of this condition is that the risk of stillbirth increases exponentially after the 37 week mark. Our first birth experience was a mixed bag – mostly on the positive side, but with a couple facets we would have changed.
    That said, we are currently using the same birth center and midwife group that we used for the first pregnancy. Once a diagnosis of ICP is declared (there’s an inordinately high probability of receiving this diagnosis after it has manifested once), the pregnancy is deemed high risk, and delivery must take place in a hospital setting. In our case, the birth center we used had an agreement with a nearby hospital so our midwives were able to preside over the process – no OB’s were involved.
    However, with it being a scheduled induction, we did endure some medical interventions during the process. I know cervodil and pitocin were used, however we did not ask for or accept an epidural. We were granted immediate skin to skin contact, and felt like our wishes as parents were heard and respected.
    Now, under the guise of the “pandemic” we’re learning that the birth center no longer has rights to preside over births at this or any other local hospital. If we receive the ICP diagnosis, we will be forced to transfer all of our care to a hospital – we get to choose, but there really are no great choices. If we do not receive the diagnosis before the 37 week mark, we have to remain vigilant to the fact that symptoms could arise at any time and could result in the immediate, unexplained loss of the baby.
    We are really paralyzed over how to make the right decision in this case. We understand the value and necessity of natural childbirth, but have also experienced a very positive result of a combined midwife/hospital birth with mild interventions on which were consulted before the measures were implemented.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll have that option this time.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Hi Mic – thanks for reaching out. I’m not really clear about what your question is. It sounds like you are confused about whether to register for a hospital birth now or wait it out to see if she develops complications? Is that right? If so, I would probably try to find a hospital that works for you, just in case. But I would also wait it out and not register with the hospital unless you have to.

      To be honest, I have never hear of the condition your wife has been diagnosed with and just looked it up quickly. I don’t know what it is about pregnancy that would trigger a liver condition such as this but I would have immediately moved toward a liver detox after receiving the diagnosis the first time — and definitely before becoming pregnant again. However, now the situation is too far advanced and pregnancy is not a good time to be doing a detox. But something to consider after the birth and after she is done nursing.

      I suppose the medical establishment never mentioned to your wife that she should be very careful about what she is consuming and what she is putting on, and in, her body? This is to avoid overloading the liver with toxins. Also, I would strongly recommend avoiding wireless devices as the radiation can cause inflammation (and many, many other serious problems for you, your wife, and especially the baby). The inflammation may be contributing to what is happening to your wife’s liver.

      This are my immediate thoughts. I truly hope this helps.

  19. Jeanice, I listened to your interview on Perception Talk Radio from a year ago. I have been an independent healath scientist for more than 50 years, discovering natural ways of reversing “aging” and degenerative disease, and of maximizing immunity without vaccines. This took me also into deeper areas of consciousness. I have some memory of times before this lifetime, which has had a major impact on my life. I also did a 20 year investigation of the global power structure above the levels people see. I know what they want to do to us in the years immediately ahead, including how and why. We have a lot to talk about. I agree with all you said in the interview, and of course there is much more. I also have an internet radio show, and you might like to be a guest there and record a discussion with me for it. I am aware of the reality of all you talk about. I hope you’ll see this and contact me.
    Richard Sacks, Host
    Lost Arts Radio
    Independent health scientist since 1965
    Essene teacher and private consultant
    Founder, Lost Arts Research Institute and Planetary Healing Club

  20. Hi Jeanice,

    I read your life-changing book – thank you! It helped me a lot, but I am a little lost on what to do INSTEAD of the conventional medicine. Are you available to consult over the phone or email? Any amount of payment for your time is worth it to me as I highly value your advice.

    I am pregnant for the first time and now about 10 weeks (I think)- I haven’t seen anyone yet. I want to steer clear of conventional medicine, but I don’t want to miss any important tests (blood tests etc). I am doing a home birth, but I haven’t planed anything yet.

    If you are interested in consulting me and helping me create a pregnancy- birth plan, please email back to Maslovalidia@gmail.com. Thank you so much.

  21. Hi Jeanice

    Are you still doing one to one birth trauma healing sessions? I could really use some help.
    Thank you

  22. Thank you so very much for sharing your personal experience.  Hearing about your conception and memories you felt as a newly fertilized egg and feeling there was so safe place to go. I related so much so many emotions that I wept uncontrollably . It made me think about the time my mother had told me something one night when she was very inebriated . In context she wasn’t trying to be just outright nasty or hurtful. At least I hope so but trying to encourage or tell me I  was strong and  I was meant to be because after finding  out she was pregnant with me she had used a coat hanger on herself  which even made her bleed a little. And when she said that of course when your mother says that it doesn’t make you feel that great
    But it didn’t shock me or make me hate her guys.  It was like I already knew and had forgiven her. Does that make any sense ? She also said she cried everyday she was pregnant with me. She didn’t want to bring anotber baby into this world and into a loveless marriage.  I cry probably everyday of my life. Different reasons but i can’t control it I’ve always been called a crybaby my whole life . I’m 31 and my mother just left me . I wish I could’ve shared your work with her. I want to so badly with my sister but she has 4 boys all under the age of 14 and all have been circumcised. I don’t want to hurt her and I criticize her enough as it is and I think she will just take it like I’m personally attacking her. Plus if I had to raise 4 boys I don’t know if I’d be able to manage in this world right now. Ignorance is bliss so they say . Anyway thanks again for sharing so I thought I’d share too🙂

    • What a beautiful, heartfelt sharing Jordan. Thank you for sharing this part of your story. Please know that your cries today are a reflection of the grief you felt in the womb regarding your mother’s sadness. Even though we can forgive our parents, it does not negate how very sad it was for us to be in wombs where our mothers did not want us and during which the pregnancy was filled with negative emotions. We have so much to heal, but it can be done. I am a walking testament to how possible it is to heal this pain and move forward in a positive way. If I can be of any support to you, please let me know. I am wishing you all the best.

    • Hi, Jordan. Thank you for sharing about your experience with your mother, I’m sorry she has left…if that was painful too.
      I’m dealing with similar trauma from child myself, and used to cry a lot back then and still now, I find it very hard on some days in addtion to all of the radiation assaults we are exposed to, ( since I live in flat in town and I’m very sensitive to the EMF, noise frequencies, and chemicals). I’m even thinking of go and live in the forest for a while just to get away from all this, even though it may not be safe. Perhaps nature will find a way to help me heal and restore my life force.
      I’m so greatful for finding Jeanice and her work, I have always felt the same way about the birth process that is described in the Ringing cedars books. I’m almost 37 and never really wanted to bring another child into this crazy world to go through my trauma until/unless I fully heal. I try to advice my brothers about dangers of all vaccines, in regards to their babies, yet people are so brainwashed and ignorant about certain things, talking to them about this sometimes feels like they can’t consciously perceive the information or wanting to even research it. I don’t know what to think about the nature of this reality…it’s so sad. I take things painfully seriously and it breaks my heart seeing another baby being exposed to vaccines or given birth in such traumatic and unconscious ways.

      I sincerely wish you well and thank you for being strong, and sharing some of your story.
      Forgiving our ancestors is not easy, but the healing process itself is the hardest part.
      As I had to move close to my parents in the last two years, I keep re-living some of the trauma over and over again.
      I hope I can find some of the missing links for myself through listening to Jeanice’s interviews. If not, I will have to e-mail her for advice. Much love to both of you.

      • Hi Fran – thank you so much for you heartfelt sharing and also for reaching out to Jordan. There is just so much pain in this world and sometimes it does feel overwhelming. It is hard to be aware and to witness the abuse of children all around us. But the abuse is commonplace and, of course, includes vaccines. People that allow this evil are clearly under a mind control spell and this is somewhat difficult to face. Yet it’s true. I’d like to see more “healers” addressing the mind control but so few have the courage to talk about it. Very sad.

        Regarding getting out to nature, it most definitely will help you. It is part of what helped me heal, for sure. I lived outside (on Maui) for 11 years, on and off. This is before the radiation assault became so intense. Yet it helped me so much to reconnect with the natural world. The sights, sounds and smells of nature are extremely beneficial and healing. And it is super good to get away from the toxic, technological world for any length of time. I highly recommend it.

        If you ever want to pursue birth trauma healing, drop me a line. It has made all the difference in my life.

        Hugs Fran. Stay strong,

        • Thank you Jeanice for your warm and caring response.
          I agree with what you say totally, healers do not address the mind control on the masses. In fact, most of them channel entities and are ”mind controlled” themselves, and in need of healing.
          I will def spend more time in the forest, thank you for your encouragement and sharing about your re-connection to nature on Maui.
          I feel like you are somehow connected to Harald Kautz Vella, who is from Germany, and he also talks about radiation, 5G, black goo, the importance of healing…and all of of this, (?) maybe because we are like one big family scattered over the planet.:)

          Thanks again for everything you do! No words can express my gratitude for your fellow Warrior Spirit and speaking up the truth of what needs to be said, especially on most essential topics like child birth, love, healthy child upbringing and reproductive health.
          Also feel welcome to contact me if you ever travel to South-East Europe at healingto_sovereignity@protonmail.com, and we can meet up. 🙂
          Hopefully I will have my family land to live on by then.
          Love and Hugs, Fran

  23. Hi, Jeanice I’ve sent you a reply via the e-mail 2 days ago. I hope you have received it. Thanks so much for everything you do!!!

  24. Hi Jeanice,
    I am preparing to conceive a baby, I am wondering if I could contact you in regards to a recommendation of a Midwife ect in Australia. Would love to speak to you via email, thank you.
    Love everything you’re about and the awareness you’re spreading.

  25. Hi Jeanice,
    My son turns 13 this year and I’m wondering is this a good age to help him (and me) to heal his birth trauma? Is his presence needed in the skype session? English is not our native language so I would need to translate our conversation to him.

    • Hi M.M. – it sounds like the best thing to do in your case would be for you to learn how to heal your own birth trauma through Jin Shin self-care and then you could either treat your son yourself (once you learn the techniques), or teach him how he can do self-care. Since he does not speak English, it might be difficult for him to make a strong enough connection with me to trust me. So it is probably better for your to help him once you learn how easy it is to do Jin Shin. Let me know if I can be of any further support.

  26. Hi jeanice, not sure how i did that but lost link for session tonight on email, could you resend please? Posted on here encase my email doesnt get through, thank you, sorry about that! kind regards

  27. I have smoke detectors in my apartment. One in the bedroom and one in the living room. I live in a rent controlled apartment and the Federal government requires the smoke detectors to be in the apartment. The fire department requires the same thing. Can I use a way to protect my self while living in the apartment with the smoke detectors? Thank You. Allan . South Dakota.

    • Hi Allan – you can purchase battery-operated smoke detectors. They are not very expensive. These are much safer than the ultrasonic ones. I hope this helps!

  28. This is Allan again in South Dakota. I talked to the manager/owner of the building I live in and she told me the smoke detector in the living room requires batteries but the detector in the bedroom does not. The owner explained that the detector in the bedroom gets its power from the house current and is wired to the wiring in the wall and doesn’t get it’s electrical power from batteries. She also explained that when the bedroom detector detects smoke it sends a signal to the phone box in the basement and rings the alarm at the fire department. The living room detector is a “Kidde” brand and the one in the bedroom is a “First Alert.” Thank You.

  29. Hello Jeanice, this is Blanca from Spain.
    I was born again by the Holy Spirit in 2016 and my life changed completely. In 2019 I became a mother and in 2021 for the second time.Since I met the Lord Jesus Christ He has been revealing me and my husband many truths, my way of thinking has changed in relation with many topics. I was for many years investigating about conspiracy and when I met the Lord I understood that the devil is real and all this elites are being used by the devil. I was in the new age and Jesus set me free from that too. When I saw your interview on youtube in the series of the Shift it was a big confirmation about all we have been receiving from the Creator. I had my babies natural, without drugs, without vax, without intervention…and even better the second baby was born at home nice and easy. There was so much love I cry of joy when I think about it. God was there with us and gave me a supernatural birth. Glory to Jesus!
    I want to show you this video…that is quite clear too about water birth being a satanic ritual too…and the common midwives are newagers, witches (some without knowing…some knowing it)…
    I share also my testimony in Christ with english subtitles 🙂
    Thanks for exposing all this truth.<3
    Blessings from Spain.

    • Bianca – thank you for your comment but I will ask you to refrain from posting any more such garbage on my website. I have listened to the first 60 minutes of this video and think it is absolute rubbish. This extremely dark man, with an extremely dark voice and an extremely dark agenda, has done more to undermine the home birth movement and promote the satanic medical establishment than most videos I have seen combined. If anyone has satanic intent, it is this warlock masquerading as a Christian and pretending he is offering Christians something beneficial. He absolutely is not and what he is doing is evil.

      There was only one intelligent thing said through the whole first hour and that is regarding birth being a portal through which very dark energies can move through into this dimension. This is the purpose for every single medical intervention forced upon women during labor as ALL medical interventions are designed by sorcerers and Luciferians for the express purpose of poisoning the incoming children and traumatizing them to the point of dissociation so that alter personalities can be called into the body.

      The warlock that created this video babbles on about drinking an herbal brew to bring on labor, claiming it is Jesus who has dominion over the baby’s birth and that midwives are interfering with that by recommending these herbs and “inducing” labor. First of all, it is not Jesus that has dominion over a baby’s birth. It the baby himself/herself who decides when it wishes to be born and any creature seeking to take power away from the child should not be trusted — including Jesus (although I don’t think Jesus is doing this). Secondly, nary a word is mentioned by the satanic piece of filth who made this video about the induction of labor within the medical establishment that is 100% designed to VIOLENTLY force the baby out of the womb before he/she is ready to be born and put that child through a very dark satanic initiation designed to harvest the child’s energy for the dark side.

      The only reason this disgusting video is still up on youtube is because the same “tribe” that controls the medical establishment also controls youtube. They are absolutely LOVING the filth and distortions this warlock is bringing forth as he is doing them an enormous service by promoting these evil lies.

      And I will say one more thing in the hopes of silencing this kind of garbage on my website. Christians can believe any nonsense they want, including how “evil” herbs are and how satanic yoga and water birth are — but Christians themselves are involved in much darker forms of satanic evil such as drinking the blood and eating the body parts of a sacrificed man and hanging symbols of human sacrifice around their necks and all over their homes and cars. Christians are heavily mind-controlled and as a result, are unable to see the forest for the trees. You trying to promote this hideous video is a classic example.

      Please don’t post this kind of nonsense on my website again. Thank you.

      • oh! wow!
        so you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?
        is a honest question.
        I think that the people that drink blood from dead man…and all this you say…never met the Lord. why you say this? I don’t get it.
        New age, yoga and all this is satanic.thats clear.
        What are your believes? you believe in Satan right? but not in Jesus as the son go God?
        I don’t want to argue, is an honest question.
        with Love

        • No Bianca. I am no longer Christian. I think the god of the bible is a demonic imposter and not the real Creator of our people. I think Jesus was an important historical man that called the jews to task and what he did was very important and this is why the jews hate him. But Jesus is not the Creator.

          • so you never met Him.
            I pray for you so you find the TRUTH, THE WAY AND THE LIFE, JESUS. (JOHN 14:6)
            JOHN 14:9 (…Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?)
            COLOSSIANS 1:15-23 (The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. 17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. 18 And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy. 19 For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, 20 and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross.
            21 Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of[a] your evil behavior. 22 But now he has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation— 23 if you continue in your faith, established and firm, and do not move from the hope held out in the gospel. This is the gospel that you heard and that has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven, and of which I, Paul, have become a servant.)
            I don’t disturb you anymore.
            Have a blessed day.
            GOD, YHWH, IS LOVE.
            I was lost and blind but now I see.

      • oh, I see, you say this because drinking the blood and eating the meat of Jesus. then you don’t understand this.
        clearly you didn’t watch the whole video….because he doesn’t promote the birth in the hospital, but at home with a christian midwife…without herbs, rituals, etc.
        Yoga, meditations and all this is calling the evil forces and beings. Don’t you see that?
        sorry, I wanted to send you a personal email but i didn’t find it so I post my message here. You are clearly angry…Im sorry if you misunderstood my message and the whole idea.
        God bless you, Jesus is the truth that sets us free.

      • catholicism is not christianize, by the way. That people do rituals and many of them never met the love of the Father through Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah

          • To Jeanice Barcelo — I am compelled to defend the true Church of Christ, the Holy Catholic Church. You are being misled. Today’s Catholic Church is a new religion influenced by Judeo-Masons. The Catholics have led all the Christian sects against abortion and birth control and, yes, even warned against ultrasound dangers. ( Do you know that many ultrasound results are “false positives” of defects and the mother is coaxed to abort? Are you aware of this? )

            FYI — the Judeo-Masons, your “J” people, infiltrated the Church! Hidden history! You should bone up on why the Inquisitions against the crypto-Jews, aka the Marranos, in the Middle Ages occurred. They Saw It Coming. We need inquisitions again! Yeah? How else can we stop all their crimes against humanity? The Catholic Church – before the 1960’s Vatican II – was warned:

            “The Plot Against The Church” by Maurice Pinay. 1962. Warned all the bishops and clergy of the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy against All of Mankind. Reprinted in 2016. (Find it at online booksellers. Also free download – https://www.fisheaters.com/srpdf/xtheplotagainstthechurch.pdf )

            “The Deep Church Revealed” by Catholic author John F. McManus.

            To destroy Christianity has been and remains the main goal of Judeo-Masons-Communists. Soviet Freemasonic Jew Mikhail Gorbachov among others INVENTED and promoted the New Age Movement including Esalen Institute.

            If you no longer believe and pray to Jesus Christ, you can thank a Judeo-Mason. I urge you to stop misleading people.

            Jesus was just a rabbi?! The book you mentioned in your recent FSIG talk was probably written by a Jew or at least approved by a Jewish publisher.

            On my site is the 1969 speech by a Planned Parenthood and Rockefeller insider, Dr. Richard day. “The Bible will be rewritten.” —
            “The New Order of Barbarians” is important – much of what was planned has come to pass. https://westcoastprolife.wordpress.com/2022/07/29/the-new-order-of-barbarians-a-secret-plan-for-our-dark-future-free-download/

            Finally, it’s funny how you believe a Rabbi that Jews are aliens, but you do not believe Jesus is IS! divine.

          • Nina – thank you for this information. Just so you understand – I have written a book about the dangers of ultrasound and know full well about the false positives and how they feed into the abortion industry. All of their technologies and institutions are part of a satanic web woven around the Earth to trap human consciousness. This includes all cellular and wireless devices. They are all interconnected. I am also well-versed in the Jewish influence over the Catholic Church, and especially the Vatican, including the fact that the Jesuit pope is part of an organization funded and created by Jews but pretending to serve Christianity. In fact, it was those “marrano” Jews you speak of that created the Jesuits. I also know that what the rabbi is saying about Jews is true because I have done extensive research on this topic and, based on their behavior over many centuries, it just makes sense. We are in the final stages of their attempted takeover of the Earth. Either we wake up to the real nature of what we are dealing with or we die. I think it’s really that simple.

            Regarding Jesus, I also know he was/is not the Creator. Many claim he never really existed. It does not matter. So many people are worshiping him today as if he were God, that there is no doubt that he exists and billions have given their creative power over to him, pretending that they, themselves, are too weak and incompetent to create reality themselves. I no longer play this game but I do not condemn those who do. Everyone will wake up in their own time. Hopefully, it will not be too late.

  30. I can’t find the products list to have a wired computor. I saw it one time but didn’t down load it. Please send it again and I’ll download it immediately. I’m sorry to inconvenience you again. Thank You.

  31. I received the second products list and have downloaded it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Thank You. Allan.

    • No Nina – I’m not an agent of the UN and the name of my website was chosen in the early 2000s, well before I understood the nature of the UN or their “New Earth” agenda. The name of my website comes from my belief that we can birth a new earth through the conscious creation of life. Pregnancy and childbirth are a key.

      I will not be responding to any more of your accusatory commentary as your energy is highly negative. I will not be allowing any more of your comments either for this same reason.

  32. I listened to your interview on The Life Stylist podcast. Thank you for sharing your work.

    As I’ve discovered over the past few years my mother molested and tried to kill me – her daughter – as a toddler. She hurt me in other ways, and repeated the attempt to end my life when I was in my 20s. I have reason to believe she also tried to abort me. I have a base level of fear and shame that is beyond anyone I have yet met. I have been consciously healing for half a dozen years, and have done so without guidance or support in the darkest truths, because I have yet to find anyone who can relate or hold space at that level.

    In any case healing so far has brought me to a place of universal love and allowed me to lovingly separate from my parents, who do not willingly understand. After ending things with my mom she came to me in dreams as a kind of haunting, huddled, dark figure that immobilized me as I slept. She had unnaturally long, sharp teeth in the dream, and though in real life denied everything I said she’d done, in the dream she only said to me, “I know what I did,” before turning to sweep with a terror down the hallway towards my family.

    I would like to share my story in more detail and listen to any knowledge you might have. If you are able to reply to the email I used to make this comment, please do.

  33. Hello Jeanice,

    Im wondering if any of your material touches on the heel prick for the detecting of diseases. I know enough to keep any birth out of a hospital and have a second home birth any day now with my wife. The one thing we did last time was allow for the heel prick. I feel like I recall reasons not to, but cant find where I came across information about this. I am trying to locate info on this procedure that should be considered so I can present it to my wife and I so we can make a more informed decision. Any info you might have would be appreciated.

    I understand the part about them using the blood for who knows what, but I am talking about the effects to the baby particularly. I just feel piercing them does not feel right but need more than that to convince my wife (and really myself as well).

    • Hi Trevor – good question!!! The first thing we need to establish is that the heel pricks cause pain. They are trying to cause suffering in the babies and this is especially true for babies trapped in NICU. They repeatedly torture the babies in neonatal intensive care units, causing dissociation. Here’s the archived version of a superficial article that is no longer available (surprise, surprise), but nevertheless does reveal that babies are experiencing pain during these nasty procedures. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1028872/Heel-prick-blood-tests-DO-hurt-baby-says-study.html

      There is also, as you mentioned, the theft of the infant’s blood. And the fact that they are puncturing holes in the aura or spiritual energy field of the infant. This, in itself, can have long-term implications both in terms of the violation and also what might be able to pass through the aura once the field has been punctured. I recall Jason Christoff had written some information about this several years ago. You might want to reach out to him if you can located his contact info.

      I hope this helps.

    • Hi Trevor, I allowed the “prick” because they put extreme pressure on me and I had already said no to many of the other things they wanted to do to my son.

      He started to become jaundice and they wanted to take blood for that as well.

      They did the genetic test and the jaundice test one after another. The genetic test takes *alot* of blood. If I remember correctly, they have to saturate five circles on blotter paper. I suggest you ask them to see the paper before you agree to the test. I just found this link here that explains the collection of it: https://www.health.state.mn.us/people/newbornscreening/providers/collection.html

      They squeezed and squeezed my son’s foot. He was a newborn and screaming with pain. I can not explain how horrible this was as a mother to endure. This torture of my baby was unnecessary and traumatic. The genetic test was not sent to me. I don’t even know what they tested for. All they said, after I followed up and asked, was that it came back normal.

  34. I had about 3.5 hrs worth of ultrasounds when pregnant with my son because they were monitoring my “fibroids.”

    After 3.5 hrs worth over a few visits, my mother warned me that it might not be safe for my son. I immediately stopped them– this put me on the bad side of the medical team– non compliant. There was no literature at this point I could find in fall of 2016.

    The medical team forced me to have another one right before my son was born. I remember the technician kept it at the base of his head, blasting his brain with the waves. After what seemed like forever, I told her to move it. I was sobbing and they labeled me as a problem patient and emotionally unstable. I had to have fetal heart rate monitoring as well during a 20 hr. labor because I had an epidural.

    The main concern I have now, how do I heal my son from this damage caused to him from the ultrasounds? He just turned 6 yrs old. How do I know if his reproductive system is ok?

    I have avoided giving him x-rays, with the exception of one dental visit, and when we worried he broke his arm.

    • Janet – has your son shown any sign of neurological damage? Learning problems? ADHD? Anything like that? Really, the most important thing you can do for him right now is keep him away from wireless devices of all kinds. Get rid of all radiation in your home from such devices. This task may seem impossible, but I can teach you how to do this. It is not hard. It just takes a bit of time to accomplish the task and it helps to have someone walk you through it. If I can help, let me know.

      Also, you may be interested in the webinar I gave earlier this year about how to create a radiation-safe environment in your home. You can check that out here: https://birthofanewearth.com/2019/04/webinar-the-dangers-of-wireless-devices-and-how-to-create-a-radiation-safe-environment-in-our-homes/

      Another thing I would recommend is heavy metal detox. Please let me know if you’d like more info about this.

      The last thing I want to mention is that, if he is showing signs of neurological damage, you might want to work with energy medicine treatments. I am particularly fond of Jin Shin Jyutsu and teach this system to my clients so they can help themselves and their children. Please let me know if you’d like more info.

      Regarding his fertility, it is not likely we will know if his fertility has been compromised until he comes of age and tries to have children. This is the insidious nature of radiation damage. It may not reveal itself for many years and then precious few people are going to make the connection between what they were exposed to in the womb and during early life and what they are experiencing in adulthood. But ultrasound does stop sperm production. And it can harm fertility in a number of other ways too. So it is important to protect him from any further radiation exposure (to the best of your ability). Wireless radiation also damages sperm. So eliminating that would be hugely helpful. I do not think anything, including infertility, in incurable because I am firm believer in the power of the Creator to correct things. But we have to do our part to protect our children from further radiation damage and perhaps seek forms of energy healing and spiritual healing to ensure that our children can recover from exposure to this noxious energy.

      Artificial reproductive technologies are not the answer to infertility. That whole industry is very dark and needs to be exposed. This will be the topic of an upcoming webinar in 2023.

      I hope this helps!

      • This does help, thank you! He doesn’t have access to wireless devices at home, except being near my cell phone when we are driving in the car.
        But at school, they require the kindergarteners to use a wireless tablet 45-60 minutes a day. I asked if he could have an exception and they said no. Would this amount of use be significant?
        I believe the amount of time using the tablet increases as they get older.

  35. Recently viewed your presentation at CHDTV. Thank You for being a tireless researcher, articulate educator and beacon of valuable information. Your website is wonderful and your amazing work and walk of truth so inportant! Surrounding you with magnnificient light love and protection. Blessings!

  36. Hi Janice,
    I listened to Tea Time with Polly Tomney yesterday and I would like to reach out to you privately to discuss something. Thank you,

    • There are thousands of studied cited in my book. I am so busy right now it is not possible for me to take to time to give them to you. Please buy the book.

  37. Dear Jeanice, you are the Heroine of the Truth. You mention a tribe, and that’s probably a reason why you’re being continously evaporated.
    I can’t open any video from your Bitchute channel. Is there any other place on the internet where I can see videos you upload yourself?

    • Evaporated I am not. Censored yes. But the info is getting out there nonetheless. I’m not sure why you are having problems viewing the videos on my bitchute channel. Maybe try another browser? Anyway, I have another video channel on Brighteon but is not as well developed as my bitchute channel. Here it is: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/jeanicebarcelo

      I hope this helps!

      • Newer videos on the Brighteon channel. Thank you.
        I heard from one rabbi that (inter alia) the Book of Zephaniah now applies. This Reset is not the first in history, there have been plenty of them, although this one is probably the first truly global one. Invasion of Jewish explorer Columbus in 1492 was a beginning of Great Reset for Americas. Americans did not die of infectious diseases, that was deliberate genocide. By 1600 population of Mexico was reduced by 95% (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Historical_population_of_Mexico.svg). The script is provided (inter alia) by Zephaniah.
        Your Bitchute channel showed me videos but they could not be uploaded except for a 2 hour circumcision video. I checked on two independent computers.

        • So I decided to look at Zephaniah based on your rabbi/friend’s suggestion. This is what it says at the very beginning…

          1 This is the word of the LORD that came to Zephaniah son of Cushi, the son of Gedaliah, the son of Amariah, the son of Hezekiah, in the days of Josiah son of Amon king of Judah:

          2 “I will completely sweep away everything from the face of the earth,” declares the LORD.

          3 “I will sweep away man and beast; I will sweep away the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea, and the idols with their wicked worshipers. I will cut off mankind from the face of the earth,”

          So this sums up why I absolutely know the buybull is not the word of the true Creator but of a demonic imposter. The fact that there are billions worshiping this demon presents a real problem for the earth and all of its inhabitants.

        • Jeanice, please let me know if I’m going too far, I have no intention to troll on your website.

          The Bible, I mean real Bible which Christians call „Old Testament”, is a plan to take over the world. Plan completed. There is a book published by a rabbi in 1932 „The Jewish Utopia” about Jewish paradise presented in the Bible, Talmud and Talmudic literature (https://archive.org/details/12-the-jewish-utopia-authentic-zionist-mein-kampf-1932). Book uses esoteric language but the job is simply done.
          They take the Bible seriously. US intervention in Iraq and subsequent genocide there were based on Isaiah 13.

          You uploaded video: IN THEIR OWN WORDS – JEWS DISCUSS THEIR PLANNED GENOCIDE OF NON-JEWS. In 4:55 the rabbi says that the Gentiles worship the Torah, which includes plan of their destruction. Therefore the Jews are exempt from any responsibility for the implementation of the Torah. This is Jewish reasoning.
          Your last sentence is absolutely true. YHWH is a tribal god who wants to take over the world. Judaism is a political plan disguised as religion. Current situation is a result of a PsyOp that has been going on for millennia. It was they who spread Christianity and Islam to bring about this result. Isaiah 60:12 ||For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.|| They have cards on the table.
          Now millions are passively waiting for a messiah to save them, and Jews go to work to complete the plan. The Bible hides really advanced psychology or psychomanipulation.

          • BRAVO ROBERT!!! Well said! You are spot-on! Thank you so much for sharing. YOU are the type of person I hope will join my Ministry when the website is finally up and ready. You see clearly what is going on and the true nature of the jew. I have not talked about the jewish issue on this website but I do talk about it in many of my interviews and on my radio show. We cannot afford to keep silent about it because these creatures will kill us all if we do not pull our heads out of our butts and recognize them not only as the enemy of Mankind, but of all living things. May I add you to my mailing list?

  38. Greetings Jeanine, I’ve followed your work for a while… I’ve been putting things together on platforms to help wake the masses to these issues. (Instagram, Youtube, Rumble, etc.) I was hoping you’d be interested in doing a live or a series of lives via Rumble, Instagram etc. to help deliver the facts and information on this issue with me and others in the field.

  39. Dear Janice,

    Help please.

    I am 4 months pregnant and have (wo)manfully resisted doing ANY ultrasounds so far, even with strong pressure from all sides, including friends. However, I would like to know if the placenta is out of the way for the birth and the midwives have assured me that they can conduct an ultrasound in literally 2mins if that is what I want.

    THEY would do it to ascertain if I have one or two babies to avoid complications during birth, though every indication (applied kinesiology and HCG levels) points to just one. I have been told it is possible to test in other ways for this, though the midwives haven’t heard of any other way.

    I am terribly worried about subjecting my precious baby to anything so potentially detrimental (even though I have not been able to resist regularly eating some naughty foods – roasted macadamia nuts and high-sugar fruits), but I do want to know if all is well for me to give birth.

    What can I do?


    • You can trust your body and trust the pregnancy and birth process. If your placenta was in the way, you would likely experience some bleeding. If you had placenta previa, the midwives should be able to see the placenta hanging over the opening of your cervix upon examination. There is no need for ultrasound and no benefit. It will only cause harm and I do not recommend it at any time unless there is a serious complication manifesting. It does not sound like that is the case here. And as I pointed out several times in the webinar, much of the radiation heating caused by ultrasound happens in the first minute. Doppler fetal heart monitors are the worst (they, too, are ultrasound). So when they say they will “only” do a two minute exposure, this does not ease my mind. These are my thoughts. I apologize if it’s not what you want to hear.

      • Thank you very much for the reply. It is as I thought and your reply bolsters my resolve against any ultrasound (which I have now cancelled).

        The medical industry is so damn good at scaring even the most rational and resistant person, it’s scary!

        Now I just need to focus on not eating the wrong foods, especially those filled with pesticides, that can affect the amniotic fluid. The trouble is, they just taste so good!!!

        • Foods riddled with pesticides taste like pesticides. Not appealing to me and I trust you will grow out of it too once you move over to organic.

  40. Hello,
    So awful to hear how corrupt our medical our system is. Many pregnant woman have back issues during pregnancy, I am wondering if it is possible to get a terrible back ache (to the point of not being able to sit or walk ) shortly after a prenatal ultrasound?
    Psalm 139, bible says…For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    …15 My frame was not hidden from you (God) when I was made in the secret place,

    • Stephanie – Many pregnant women develop back problems and sciatica while pregnant. I’m not sure if the back problems are ultrasound induced, although ultrasound does have the ability to cause damage to the organs, so if the kidneys or liver, for example, were in direct line of the ultrasound beam and thereby harshly irradiated, this might cause pain.

  41. Dear Janice,

    I was persuaded to do a very brief ultrasound at 25 weeks because two midwives were concerned I might have twins which, they said, could cause complications during birth if not confirmed. The nurse who did the ultrasound was very quick, thank goodness and never lingered over any area. She confirmed that I am having just one baby and that I do have placenta previa, so this means I will need yet another ultrasound at some point, which I am not happy about, but it appears to be necessary.

    What are your thoughts?


    • Please keep in mind that I do not give medical advice as I am not a medical doctor. I can only tell you what I would do if I were you. I would not get another ultrasound. Where the placenta is right now should not be a big issue UNLESS you start bleeding. If that happens, I would seek medical support immediately. Otherwise, I would leave things alone, communicate directly with your baby and with God and ask for help, and then trust that things are likely to sort themselves out with the placenta moving into a better position very soon. Also, if you have placenta previa, I believe they should be able to see this quite easily through a cervical check. So there is no need to irradiate yourself and your baby with noxious ultrasonic energy. Hope this helps.

  42. Hi Support,

    I bought the Birth Trauma PDF Ebook.
    I never got a download link. I checked spam and nothing is there. I used my KeyBank debit card which is a MasterCard. Please reach out to me so that I can get the download link for the e-book please.

    Thank you, Joe.
    Thursday, October 26 5:11 AM mountain standard time USA 2023

    • Hi Joseph – I’ve received your order and emailed you the book about 15 minutes ago. I send the books manually and it looks like your order came in before I got online today. I apologize for the delay. You should have the book right now.

  43. Hello Jeanice,
    You probably mean well, however, unless you describe in detail to us the listeners, the following few terms which you use to base your statements nobody will take you seriously.
    1) the word “god” – describe; size, color, shape, weight, what is it made of, how does it exist, where does it exist.
    2) the word “soul” – describe; size, color, shape, weight, what is it made of, how does it exist, where does it exist.
    3) “death is abomination, and it is wrong” – question; have you seen anything which is alive in this world which never died and/or lives permanently?
    Also tell us where do you derive your knowledge of the above from.

    • Nameless – I wonder why you are hiding your identity. I also why you seem so agitated by the transmission I shared yesterday.

      To know and understand God, I recommend reading the Ringing Cedars books written by Vladimir Megre. I also recommend the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. Here is a link to a documentary film about him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeJ-zHn-B7U

      I hope this helps you. Peace.

      • Interesting how you did not answer any of the 3 questions but instead resorted to an attack by projection “seem so agitated”.
        No agitation here, I responded to your frustration with people who do not take your suggestions to heart. If left to the listeners to use their own understanding of those terms you’ll end up with as many understandings as there are listeners. The listeners need to know how you define those terms to yourself so that they can put your talks in context.
        I do not identify with names and so, nameless.

        • Nameless – my listeners need to come to an understanding of God all on their own. I’m not a religious preacher telling people who and what they should think and believe. I’m simply encouraging people to break free from the satanic control of their thoughts and the myriad distractions they are being fed by the dark side. This way they can connect with their own soul and then truly understand God on their own terms. If people do not take my suggestions to heart, that is up to them. I’m just trying to help.

          • Yes, listeners will or have come to an understanding of God on their own. We are not asking to teach us what it is or how to understand it but rather how you understand it for yourself. Unless defined, words are left open for misinterpretation.

            Here is an equation;
            Dividing the world in two pieces, everything you like is from god, and everything you dislike is from the devil, evil aliens, demons etc. Then, who created all those things that you dislike? There can’t be multiple creators because none of them would be THE creator.
            If you view the world as a creation created by A creator then everything in it is meant to be there, everything you like, dislike or nether of the two.
            Otherwise, did “the creator” put all the things you dislike in there by mistake or out of negligence? Or just has no power or means to remove, prevent, stop whatever you dislike from being there?

          • I am growing weary of responding to you as I am very busy. The Creator of this magnificent world also created an entity that I refer to as Lucifer. Lucifer was a beautiful and deeply loved angel, close to God. But when God said he was going to create Mankind, and Mankind would be “above’ the angels in their spiritual capacity as co-creators with God, Lucifer did not like this at all and rebelled. Other angels also rebelled and stood with Lucifer. And so we have come down to the present day with these insane beings worshiping Lucifer and thinking they can move away from God and prove that they are more powerful than Mankind and even more powerful than God. Except THEY ARE LAME CREATORS!!!. They cannot create anywhere near the magnificence of what The Creator has created. None of their creations can even reproduce themselves – as we see all around us in the technocratic world with things constantly breaking, rotting, malfunctioning, and needing eternal replacement. This is not so in God’s world where all of The Creator’s creations regenerate and replenish themselves all on their own, without our constant attention and energy being directed toward the Creation to “fix” it.

            That is all I am going to say about this. The mistake is not on the part of the Creator but on the part of those who rebelled and continue to rebel. These insane entities imagine they can take over God’s creations and/or destroy God’s creations. They’ve been trying to do this for a very long time and still have not achieved even one major accomplishment. And now their time is about up. And those who follow them will also find that their time is up. Either people get back on the path toward Love and toward God or they will perish and exist no more in relation to their soul. There is no middle road here.

            Please stop asking me questions on my website and instead start sorting things out for yourself. You need to step into your own understanding of things and stop asking other people to explain God and life. I will not be approving any more of your comments. Good-bye.

          • PS – your mental approach to this is part of the problem. Perhaps you were raised Jewish and taught that you must use your mind to override your feelings. This is most definitely NOT a good plan as your feelings are a direct communication to your soul and to Creator. You can know more from your feelings in a millisecond than weeks and months of trying to figure something out with your mind. USE YOUR FEELINGS TO UNDERSTAND CREATION AND THE CREATOR. Using your mind will lead you away from God.

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