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By visiting this page, you have stepped through a doorway designed to end human suffering and restore Mankind’s connection to our Creator’s love-filled design.


This Ministry is being created for the benefit of incoming children and in support of future parents who seek to give birth to their children gently and in love.

As an education-based Ministry, we are dedicated to helping parents prepare themselves mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally for the most important event of their lives – i.e., the birth of a child.

We offer a 20-week parenting program that takes people from A-Z in terms of conscious conception, gestation, birth and parenting.

The program is the first of its kind to emerge anywhere in the world as it emphasizes the importance of doing preparatory work prior to the conception of children. Classes provide detailed information concerning preconception preparation including an exploration of how to create healthy, enduring, love-filled relationships and how to establish a safe and loving container in which to conceive, gestate and birth a child. We also discuss how to create a trauma-free pregnancy, how to give birth gently, and how to parent children consciously so they can be happy, healthy and wise.

Since the core of our work involves the creation of stable, healthy families, we also offer private sessions and counseling for couples who are seeking to become parents, including those who have already become pregnant.  Fathering programs and programs designed to educate about the masculine role during the childbearing year are part of our curricula.

In addition, we offer workshops and private sessions for people who are seeking to heal prenatal and/or birth trauma.  We know that there are billions of people carrying unresolved memories from their own prenatal and birth experiences.  These unconscious memories tend to drive human beliefs and behavior and can negatively effect relationships and the ability to give birth with ease.  Although the topic of prenatal and birth trauma has been mostly ignored in our society, it is now time to bring this issue front and center so that marriages can be saved and future births can happen gently and in love.

We also offer a variety of webinars, classes, books, DVDs, fellowship meetings, and more, all designed to provide our members with enough information and support to ensure that every birth is a joyous and love-filled event and every parent understands the keys to preserving love in their family forever.

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Happy, bonded families begin with the joyous birth of a child.  If we are to create enduring family love, it is imperative for us to eliminate trauma during the birth of our children and aspire instead to give birth to them joyfully and in love.

In its highest expression, childbirth should be a love-filled, awe-inspiring event that allows a couple to deeply bond with each other and their newborn in celebration of the life they have just created. 

When approached with intention, awareness and love, childbirth can be a beautiful and even ecstatic experience that supports deep and enduring family bonds.


Unfortunately, our society has all but lost contact with the information needed to make birth a supremely pleasurable event. We have been conditioned to think that technological interference in birth is “normal” when in fact it has caused us serious pain.

Now is the time for us to understand where we have gone wrong and reconnect with long-forgotten wisdom regarding the power of childbirth and how it was meant to be.


The education needed to ensure a positive birth experience is best started prior to the conception of children. This is one of the main reasons Birth of a New Earth Ministry is being created.

To our knowledge, there is no place on Earth where young people can go to receive quality information about how to prepare themselves properly for pregnancy, birth, and parenting. No school or institute of higher learning disseminates quality information about these topics, and young adults are not taught about how to create healthy relationships and enduring family love.  On the contrary, children as young as 3 or 4 are now being fed absolute filth called “sex education” while having their innocent minds filled with the poison of critical race theory, transgenderism and pornography through schools, television, social media, and wireless gadgets.

It would seem that the powers-that-shouldn’t be have been working overtime to prevent the creation of happy families and cause a breakdown in human love. Their efforts have led to a civilization of sad and unhappy people who are leading loveless and difficult lives. The situation has escalated to an extremely serious level and now is the time for us to shift gears so that we can generate positive change for our future.

 Creating a solid foundation for quality education concerning how to create happy and enduring family love is one of the highest goals of this Ministry.

The importance of childbirth for the well-being of a family cannot be overstated. The quality of birth – i.e., the way it is approached by the parents and how it is experienced by family members – is of utmost importance in terms of whether love in the family will persist for the long-term, or whether love will break down over time.

Joyous births like the ones pictured above and below reveal the magnificence of our Creator’s true design. These images are a testament to the way birth was meant to be and to the possibilities that lie before us as we align ourselves with the Divine path and restore human love to its rightful place in Creation.


Love-filled births like the ones you see here create potent cellular memories of ecstatic human love and this is precisely what we are supposed to feel upon the birth of a child.

These embodied, joyous memories can be referenced again and again by family members, and even during times of strife, the memories will be a reminder of the profound love that exists in the family and that is worthy of being preserved.


When birth happens in this way, family love is exalted to its rightful place in Creation. Such births are a living example of the power of human love and of the Creator’s love-filled design.


To apply for membership, please click on the following link:
BNEM Membership Request Form


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Unfortunately, as millions of us can attest, there are mothers, babies, fathers and children who have not had positive birth experiences.  Many of us suffer in silence, sometimes for decades, due to parents being unable to bond with their children and/or children feeling unloved by their parents and community.

When childbirth is not a joyous and love-filled event, but is instead a horrific experience of medically-induced fear, abuse and/or trauma, deep grief can ensue for both parents and children, leading to “colicky” or “fussy” (i.e., severely traumatized) babies, as well as postpartum depression and/or PTSD in parents (some mother’s even experience postpartum psychosis – see here).

What follows are images of birth trauma being shown here to document the antithesis of what birth is supposed to be and the myriad ways the medical establishment has turned the magnificent experience of childbirth into a hellish and traumatic nightmare.

Viewer discretion is advised.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Terrified, lonely baby receiving zero love at birth. There is nothing normal or OK about what is happening here.  Babies should NOT be taken away from their mothers and fathers and isolated in nurseries immediately after birth. This goes against everything in nature and is 100% designed to interfere with parental/child bonding.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Birth rape – an occurrence that is all too common and which I document in my birth trauma book.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


C-section birth – a brutal and often unnecessary medical ritual that has affected at least 1 in 3 babies born in the United States. Mothers are drugged and strapped to tables (i.e., “crucified” on the altar of modern medicine) while their bodies are cut into and their babies torn out of their wombs. In this image, we see a drugged and grieving mother with her dissociated, swaddled baby. Maternal/child bonding is impossible under these conditions and often leads to postpartum depression and/or postpartum PTSD.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The Wounded Womb caused by cesarean birth.  This is the antithesis of a gentle and loving birth. This woman’s womb had been surgically butchered and now sits outside of her body, on top of her stomach, so that sutures can be placed to try to sew her body back together.  This is major surgery and is almost always the result of medical interference in the birth process. This surgery will leave both mother and baby traumatized and can cause interrupted bonding and breastfeeding.
Photo Credit:  Doula Patti Ramos

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Circumcision is another sadistic and cruel medical ritual involving the genital torture and mutilation of newborn baby boys. In addition to the overwhelming pain this child is forced to endure, he will also suffer brain damage from the trauma and his brain will never return to its baseline configuration. This newborn has been betrayed, abandoned, and rejected by mind-controlled parents who believe that his body is imperfect and that the medical establishment can somehow make it better than God himself made it. The child now knows, in every cell of his body, that he cannot trust his parents as they have not only allowed this torturous, surgical abuse to happen to him, but all too often, they insist upon it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Grieving young father with his baby on life support due to complications from circumcision. He and his beloved wife were not warned of the dangers of this sadistic surgery, yet their baby died because of it and their marriage will never be the same. In truth, circumcision is a satanic, brain-damaging ritual that endangers the lives of infant boys and kills approximately 1 child every other day in the U.S. from blood loss, extreme trauma, heart failure, or lung collapse (from screaming in torture). This completely unnecessary surgery has no medical benefit whatsoever and is performed 96% of the time in the U.S. with absolutely no anesthesia. It is 100% evil and it must end.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Lonely, worried dad who has been shunted to the sidelines during the birth of his own child. Why is this dad not with his beloved and baby? Why has his presence been excised from the room while other men in alien costumes have stepped in and usurped his place?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The alien takeover of childbirth.
What must babies think as they emerge from the womb to be met with scenes like this one?  Could such visual impressions leave a child believing he/she has been abducted by aliens?  Could alien abduction memories actually be the result of foggy, drug-induced recollections of hospital birth?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Miscarriage, fetal death and/or premature birth can cause severe postpartum depression. The U.S. now has a higher fetal death rate than its already exorbitant infant mortality rate.  The death of babies in utero is NOT normal and is often the result of the medical establishment’s penchant for using ultrasound during pregnancy and birth (along with other harmful interventions that have no valid place in obstetrics). Excessive exposure to both ultrasonic and wireless radiation can cause fetal death, miscarriage and/or premature birth of a developing child.  I have extensively documented this fact in my ultrasound book.
Photo credit: unknown

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


An image of a mom with postpartum depression. Please keep in mind that when mom is depressed, baby is depressed too and does not understand why its mother does not experience joy at his/her presence and arrival.  This memory of joylessness may stay with the child for a very long time and cause him/her to become a very depressed adult.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Fathers suffer too, from postpartum depression, especially after being pushed to the sidelines during the birth of their children and then forced to witness medical abuse being inflicted on their wives and baby.  Many men find themselves unable to protect or defend their loved ones in a hospital environment.  Later, they feel confusion about what went wrong and an unconscious shame about the event.  Their wives often harbor an unspoken resentment for having not been protected and are no longer able to trust their husbands.  This is the beginning of the end for that marriage.  Marriages can easily break down after hospital birth.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


This is a photo of a medically hijacked birth during the COVID era at a time when the medical establishment was no longer hiding its true colors.  This photo clearly documents modern medicine’s commitment to breaking the bonds of love between mother and child and totally messing with the minds of the incoming children.  Here we see medical staff’s willingness to suffocate the baby in plastic wrap while simultaneously proclaiming that they are “protecting” him/her. The mother too, is being deprived of oxygen and is breathing in noxious carbon dioxide while wearing a completely useless mask. These absurd and cruel measures did absolutely nothing to stop the spread of disease.  However, they were very useful in terms of causing massive birth trauma and undermining the potential for breastfeeding, skin-to-skin contact, eye contact, and disrupting the maternal-child bond. What we are seeing in this image is an assault against Creation and an attack on human love.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When mothers are unable to bond with their babies, severe consequences for the child will ensue.  We need to ask ourselves what has happened to this mother that she has no interest to even look at her baby? Was the baby not wanted in the first place? Was the child the result of a loveless union?  Was there emotional turmoil during pregnancy?  Were mom and baby forced to endure induction of labor, pitocin, epidural, episiotomy, c-section, separation at birth, or any number of other medical rituals that can interfere with bonding?

Whatever the cause for this mother’s lack of interest in her child, it is clear this type of beginning does not bode well for the baby or the parents or the family.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


This mother appears angry and guarded, as if she has no real interest in, or connection with her baby. She seems more interested in her phone than her newborn. Without proper maternal/child bonding, this baby is likely to suffer its whole life with feelings of not being loved or nurtured. Furthermore, the baby will be neurologically damaged due to lack of eye contact, lack of nurturing, lack of skin-to-skin contact, etc. Babies need to see their mother’s smiling face. They need to be held, touched, rocked and properly cared for by their mother and/or father and/or someone that loves them. Without these basic essentials, the baby will develop brain damage and is likely to suffer from an inability to experience love throughout its life. The other woman in the photo seems very sad to witness the heartless treatment of this baby who is actively looking around for a human to connect with and make eye contact with. The whole situation is very, very sad.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Of course, questions arise as to what has caused the sad situation in the photo above. Did mom and baby experience a painful and traumatic birth? Is the mom single? Was the baby unwanted from the beginning? Did the mother make the mistake of having sex with a man who is already off pleasuring himself with another woman? Did a traumatic birth cause the father to leave?

Whatever the situation is or was, it is important to understand that birth trauma is a primary culprit in the destruction of marriages and the parade of broken families and wounded children that now plague our world. 

Birth trauma is at the core of immense human suffering and has led to millions of depressed children and teenagers wanting to end their own lives and/or becoming addicted to drugs that can provide them with even a modest sense of well-being. The situation has reached epidemic proportions and it is definitely time for us to shift gears.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When I first started publicly talking about birth trauma on facebook and elsewhere in 2009, I was scorned and shamed by members of the birth community for being so “negative”.

When I published my first book about birth trauma in 2014, I was viciously attacked, not just by members of the birth community, but also by members of the jewish community who were outraged that I spoke out about circumcision and pointed to the fact that it was they who had brought this atrocity to America and lied through their teeth about the alleged “benefits” of this torture in order to mainstream it into American “medicine”.

Nonetheless, despite the verbal assaults and the myriad attempts on the part of these wicked people to undermine, censor and silence me, I had experienced severe birth trauma myself and I knew the issue must be addressed if Mankind wanted to move forward in love. 

Today, birth trauma is a well-known issue.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


This is me with my daughter Anastasia when she was trapped in a neonatal intensive care unit in 1998. The grief on my face and in my entire energy field is palpable. Parental/child bonding when a child is in NICU is almost impossible. Parents cannot bond with an infant that is attached to machines and kept on paralysis drugs 24/7. Although painful procedures were “performed” on Anastasia day after day and several times a day, at no time could she move or cry or even let out a whimper while she was being repeatedly tortured and hurt by medical staff under the guise of “helping” her.  Her tiny body was swollen to the point of being ready to burst from the toxicity of their drugs and she had needles and IV lines stuck in almost every vein of her body, including the ones in her head, until most of her veins had collapsed. She suffered from sores all over her body while the wound around her umbilical area was raw and horrid to look at.  Anastasia allegedly died while they were cutting a hole in her throat for a tracheotomy. I would later find out that doctors operate on infants with no anesthetic, claiming that babies don’t feel pain.

For almost her entire stay in the NICU, Anastasia was paralyzed with toxic pharmacological drugs so that my husband and I would believe in the fictitious diagnosis of “brain death” and sign forms allowing them to harvest her organs — allegedly upon her death.  Years later, I would learn that there is no such thing as “brain death” and that this diagnosis was medically fabricated for the purpose of allowing vampiric doctors to legally murder people in order to harvest their organs. According to Dr. Paul Byrne, human organs cannot be harvested unless they are taken while the victim is still alive.  Hence, victims of “organ donation” are literally tortured to death by being put on paralysis drugs so they cannot move or scream while they are having their organs cut out of them one by one, but they are given no anesthetic at all since the doctors have declared them “brain dead”. 

This is the true nature of the Luciferian medical underworld in which millions of babies find themselves trapped each year. The satanic cult that runs the medical establishment must be exposed so that children will be protected from this evil and those responsible for participating in it will be put behind bars or executed for their crimes.

Countless lives have been negatively affected by modern “medicine” and it is urgently necessary for people to understand the facts so we can correct course and ensure that our loved ones are protected from this evil and future births will be a positive, love-filled experience.

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  1. a remarkable website and movement. thank you for your kind efforts to bring sanity to the human beings that are willing to listen and make bold steps towards a future of love, compassion, generosity, faith in each other, justice and joy.

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