Webinar: Prenatal Trauma – How the First Nine Months Shape the Rest of our Lives

Prenatal Trauma: How the First Nine Months Shape the Rest of our Lives

Dear friends,

Are you or someone you love struggling with challenges that seem difficult or impossible to resolve?

Do you or your loved ones find yourselves repeating patterns of trauma over and over again and despite all your efforts to resolve them, the patterns still persist?

This process is called “traumatic repetition” and involves the re-enactment of an earlier trauma that your system is earnestly trying to heal.


Humans have a tendency to re-create patterns of trauma not because we are masochistic, but because we are trying to resolve the original trauma and return our system to love.

Unfortunately, traumatic repetition does not always lead to resolution, but can instead compound the trauma, making things more painful and stressful than they were before.

The key to actually resolving the trauma (and thereby put an end to traumatic repetition) involves becoming aware of the origins of the pattern and finding a holistic tool that will move the original trauma out of our nervous system and out of our body for good.

To discover the earliest precursor to our repetitive problems, it is important to do an exploration of our earliest life experiences — especially those involving our womb experience and the events leading up to our birth.

This webinar is now complete.  To purchase the mp4 video recording of the webinar, please click here.

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Without a doubt, most of our repetitive issues have their roots in unconscious, pre-verbal memories from prenatal life.

But because our system was not developed enough to process the intensity of certain early experience(s), the unresolved memories get held in our cells, our nervous system, and in the non-verbal parts of our brain.

Our system then has to find a way to bring the unresolved memories into our conscious mind so they can be looked at, addressed, and then finally resolved.

Hence we see patterns of trauma repeat again and again as we attempt to make conscious the source of our original pain.

Sadly, in our digitized, material world, very little importance is attributed to the first nine months in the womb.

Yet common sense should tell us that prenatal life is highly formative and the way we begin life affects the way we live it.

What we experience during the earliest stages of our physical incarnation will lay the foundation for the quality of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Whether we feel safe in this world or experience a nagging sense of impending doom…

Whether we feel loved and embraced by our family, or instead, feel the need to hide in order to protect ourselves from harm…

Whether our bodies are radiant with health or have been sickly since early childhood…

All of this is hugely influenced by our pre-verbal experiences and the unconscious memories we hold (called imprints) from prenatal life and birth.

These memories lay the foundation for our personality and beliefs and can dictate whether or not we even feel worthy of being alive.

Thanks, in part, to the lies perpetuated by the medical establishment and certain religious cults, members of our society have come to believe that babies in the womb have no feelings, no memory, no sense of self, and no soul. 

Abortion extremists have even gone so far as to claim that babies in the womb are not human.


This woman was due to give birth the next day and claimed that banning abortion is against her religion (Judaism).  She stated that, according to her religion, life begins with the first breath at birth.  Before that, the baby is not yet a person and not yet human but only an extension of the mother’s body, like an excess limb.  This type of thinking is otherwise called narcissism and can lead to the creation of very disturbed children who may act out their unresolved anger about being deprived of love and respect on the rest of the world.



Some people take this line of thinking further by claiming that developing babies are nothing other than a “clump of cells” and that there is no soul attached to that clump of cells until after birth.


The soul does not enter the body until the first breath of air at birth, with the “breath of life” (Genesis 2:7). Before then, an embryo or fetus is merely a potential human.  Source

Not surprisingly, babies that are gestated in the womb of a narcissistic mother (and especially those babies that are dismissed by their parents as non-feeling, non-thinking, non-persons) will suffer from a lack of attunement, attachment and bonding. 

This, in turn, creates prenatal trauma that can contribute to deep psychological and spiritual wounding.

The wounding gets lodged in the nervous system and can influence thought and behavior throughout life. 

In extreme cases, personality disorders like psychopathy may emerge.

Our world today is filled with mentally and spiritually damaged people.

Some are eager to wreak havoc on the Earth and its inhabitants while others are just the walking wounded, searching for a way to make their lives joyful and restore their connection to love and divinity.

But our lack of awareness of the origins of this suffering will only ensure that it continues.

The time is now to become aware of prenatal trauma and the impact it has on us, our children, and our world.

Prenatal trauma can include (but is not limited to) any or all of the following:

  • being the product of a loveless union or a haphazard sexual encounter

  • being “conceived” in a lab;

  • gestating in a womb where one is not wanted or where abortion is considered or attempted;

  • gestating in a “haunted womb” where there are unresolved memories of prior losses from abortion, miscarriage, fetal death or infant death;

  • being the “wrong sex” according to parental preferences;

  • being exposed to noxious energies like wireless and/or ultrasonic radiation;

  • losing a twin sister or brother during gestation; and/or

  • gestating in a womb that is physically toxic due to dietary and/or environmental poisons, or emotionally toxic as a result of parental fighting, unhappiness, depression, abuse, poverty, stress, etc.

The above are just a few of the ways prenatal trauma can occur and negatively influence a person throughout their lives. 

This upcoming webinar will provide detailed insights into the origins of pain, addiction, health problems, relationship issues, money challenges, and a whole lot more. 

We will examine the various types of prenatal trauma that can cause long-term harm and learn about what we can do to heal this trauma so our lives can proceed from a happier and healthier place. 

This webinar is now complete.  To purchase the mp4 video recording of the webinar, please click here.

Cost  is $79. 

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PLEASE NOTE:  The program will be approximately 120 minutes in length and offered worldwide through zoom. For those who are unable to attend live, the program will be recorded and mp4 video files will be sent to all registrants so they can access the information at their convenience.

Please email jeanicebarcelo@yahoo.com with any questions.  Hope to see you there!

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  1. Gratitude for Your kindness, the open, sincere care and fundamental work and ongoing teaching.
    Gratitude for the Love and tenderness You spread and shine, given for all and within Humanity.
    Thank You for the glory and the knowing that each cell is created in eternal will divine.
    Sending my best wishes ever on to You💖

    • What a beautiful message Silya! My heart has expanded while reading it. I so appreciate your kind and loving words.


  2. Hello
    I ordered the pdf of Wireless Devices and Birth Trauma and I don’t see them in my email. How do I access the pdf files. I have a new grandaughter and would like additional information and will keep intouch here all the time. Thank you very much.

    • Denise – my computer was hacked two days ago and I just got back online. I will send you a private email to let you know when I can get you the PDF copies of the books and I will send you your ultrasound book tomorrow. So sorry for this delay.

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