Webinar – Assisted Reproductive Technologies – The Untold Facts



Dear friends,

As some of you may already know, birth rates in nearly all “advanced” civilizations are plummeting.  In the United States today, birth rates are the lowest they have ever been since the government began taking measurements in 1909.   Infertility rates are skyrocketing in both men and women and, according to Dr. Zach Bush, 1 in 3 men is now sterile and 1 in 4 women is infertile. 

To those who are seeking to depopulate this Earth, the news of increasing infertility and sterility is fantastic news. 

But to those who are experiencing an inability to procreate, the situation can feel devastating.  

As a result, many are turning to the medical establishment and the dark underworld of artificial reproductive technologies (now renamed “assisted reproductive technologies”) in the hopes of conceiving and bearing a child. 

But are assisted reproductive technologies safe? 

Are they successful? 

Do these technologies produce healthy children? 

Do they produce healthy families?

Are they really beneficial for our world?


There can be no doubt that assisted reproductive technologies provide massive financial benefit for the medical industry.

But what is the cost to those who are trying to conceive a child?


And what are the emotional and spiritual ramifications of participating in procedures such as artificial insemination, IVF, or surrogacy?  

Moreover, what effect do these technologies have on the spirit and psyche of incoming children? 


It is time for us to take a good, deep look at what this industry is really all about and examine the emotional and spiritual consequences of our participation in these procedures.

During this 2+ hour webinar, we will discuss all of the above and answer the question of what we can do to recover our fertility naturally and conceive children in accordance with the divine design.

Cost for the program is $49. 

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PS – If you are experiencing severe financial hardship but would still like to view the content of this webinar, please email me at jeanicebarcelo@yahoo.com.

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