Upcoming Webinar – The Father’s Role During the Childbearing Year

Dec 14, 2022, 3pm EST

The Father’s Role During the Childbearing Year

Empowering Future Parents Regarding the Male Role in the Conception, Gestation and Birth of Their Children


Fathers today are often relegated to the sidelines during the birth of their children.  They are treated as if their presence is an insignificant annoyance, while medical personnel step in, usurping the father’s role.  This situation is harmful to mothers, fathers and babies since fathers should be front and center during the birth of their children and no one should intervene or interfere in this process.   Any interference, or any undermining of the father’s role, can lead to a breakdown in family love after birth.

This program is designed to empower future parents and help them understand the true male role as protector, nurturer, and supporter during pregnancy and birth.  It is designed to help men step back into their power with a remembrance of how important fathers are to their babies, their beloved, and to Creation itself.

Women are welcome to participate in this program and learn about the important role men need to play during conception, gestation, and childbirth in order to create a joyful, love-filled, birth experience that will contribute to the preservation of love in the family.

Cost for the program is $79

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