Germany Bans Prenatal Ultrasound for Non-Medical Use

Let the dominoes begin!!! The is good news, although they are still going to use it for so-called “medical necessity.” Nevertheless, it is a move in the right direction. Please see my book, The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation, for more info on this topic. Ultrasound IS Radiation. They have been lying to us for decades.


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“Die für die Bildgebung notwendigen hohen Ultraschallintensitäten sind mit einem potenziellen Risiko für das Ungeborene verbunden, insbesondere da mit Beginn der Knochenbildung wesentlich mehr Schallenergie am Knochen absorbiert wird. Darüber hinaus fehlen verlässliche Untersuchungen über die Folgen dieser Anwendung […]. Daher werden Ultraschallanwendungen zu einem nichtmedizinischen Zweck, wie z.B. zur reinen Bildgebung am Fötus („Babykino“), ohne dass eine ärztliche Indikation gestellt wurde, untersagt […].“


“The high levels of ultrasound required for imaging are associated with a potential risk to the unborn baby, especially as significantly more sonic energy is absorbed into the bone at the onset of bone formation.  In addition, reliable studies on the consequences of this application are lacking […].  Therefore, ultrasound applications are used for a non-medical purpose, e.g.for pure imaging of the fetus (“baby cinema”), without a medical indication was made prohibited […]. “

5 thoughts on “Germany Bans Prenatal Ultrasound for Non-Medical Use

  1. This is a much needed and overdue step forward. Congratulations to the people involved who were not deterred or “bought” by big pHARMa interests.

  2. Prenatal ultrasound, the main cause of the epidemic of autistic spectrum, growth retardation, ear and eye damage, sterility, and the damage list it goes on and on. Germany knows all about the human damage that this mindless practice can cause, so we must hope that other countries will follow suit. Let’s hope that impregnated women will make a stand and say no to these extremely harmful scans. It is clear that medical doctors are damaging the human race, and it seems that this is all done on purpose. That is extremely worrying, to say the very least.

  3. Hi, what about postnatal ultrasound ? My 6 and half old month baby has a large head circumference 48 cm which is in the 99 percentile (off the chart), but otherwise very healthy and meeting all his milestones and I’m debating if I should do a head ultrasound while his soft spot (fontanelle) is still open and the test can still be performed, given the worse alternatives MRI and CT Scan. Is a ultrasound to the top of the head safe?

    • NO! Ultrasound is never safe and your baby’s large head could very well be a response to radiation damage. In other words, your baby may have MACROCEPHALY — or an excessively large head — which excess growth could very well be the body’s way of trying to protect itself from radiation! PLEASE DO NOT EXPOSE YOUR BABY TO ANY MORE RADIATION AND READ MY BOOK. Thank you.

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