Webinar – The Dark Side of “Prenatal Care” and the Dangers of Ultrasound

The Dark Side of  “Prenatal Care” and the Dangers of Rhogam and Ultrasound


Is western prenatal care really beneficial?  Can some of the medical protocols and testing procedures used during pregnancy be harmful?  During this ground-breaking 2+ hour webinar, we will address such topics as routine gestational diabetes testing, Rhogam shots for Rh-negative moms, vaccination during pregnancy, amniocentesis and other prenatal tests, ultrasound during pregnancy, doppler fetal heart monitors, and more.  Learn the true effects of these interventions and arm yourself with the facts about western prenatal care so that you can make empowered choices for you and your babies during pregnancy.

This webinar is now complete

If you would like to purchase the mp4 video recording of the webinar, please click the link below

Cost for the webinar is $43.50

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15 thoughts on “Webinar – The Dark Side of “Prenatal Care” and the Dangers of Ultrasound

  1. Hello Janis, I would love to attend your course. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in being a guest speaking on my podcast. I’m a student midwife and my podcast is on all things outside the system. Thanks for your consideration

    • Ms Overland,
      In my opinion — as a proud Dad o’ Two, and Gran’Pap of four delightsome Gran’ Children — You couldn’t do better than to hear some of the Wisdom from ‘The’ MidWife of the new Earth. That’s what You’ll get from Ms Jeanice Barcelo; Wisdom.
      Pure, Lovely, Caring Wisdom.
      Rick Bonner Pennsyltucky

        • Jeanice,
          I am…, “alive an’ kickin’!”
          Interesting; this lil’ note puts me in Mind of the section of the Good Book, where the Midwives tol’ pharoh that, “These Israelite Women ain’ like them ‘Gyptian Women; They’re… Lively!”
          The Creator(ess?) bless(es!) You, Sister,

  2. Hi Jeanice! Just wanted to double check that you will also be discussing the topic of Rh- mothers and babies in this webinar?
    I am really looking forward to it! There are so many soon to be mothers seeking truth of these topics. Thank you!

    • Absolutely Natalie. Rh- moms and Rhogam shots will be one of the main topics in the webinar. Did you register already? Perhaps under a different name?

      Please do share with the other Rh- moms you may know as this information is not likely to be found anywhere else. Thanks.

      • Hi Jeanice. Thank you for your reply! I appreciate that and you so much! I unfortunately found out I have to work the day of the webinar. I lost my last job last year because I didn’t get jabbed, so I really need the work, otherwise Id be there like I was originally planning. I am however thinking of having my partner attend. Would that be ok? He is a wonderful man but if you are keeping this to women, I understand. Will there be a replay available by chance? Id be happy to purchase if so. And if not, thats okay! I am just thankful you are sharing your work and wisdom.

        P.S Ive sent the info for the webinar to a few other mothers and at least 2 that I know of are going to attend. So thankful!

        • Hi Natalie – Congrats on the new job! Just to be clear, the webinar is not just for women. It is for men too, who are concerned about these issues. Several men have registered. Hopefully, some will attend live. Your husband would be welcome to attend. Please know that whether you can be there live or not, everyone who registers will receive the mp4 video file of the webinar, so you will have the information available to you when you need it. My personal feeling is that it is always better to attend live since we can interact with each other and participants can have their questions answered. But you will receive the info one way or another.

          Thanks for sharing about the webinar with your friends. I think this info is very important, so the more people that become privy to it, the better.

          I’m wishing you all the best,

    • Hi Audrey – I am uploading the file right now to a website that sends large files. The mp4 video file should be in your inbox within an hour. I also just emailed you about this. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jeanice!

    I wrote to you about this webinar last year, hoping to see it live however due to work, I wasn’t able to attend. My husband and I are excitedly expecting our first baby in August and we are doing as absolute little intervention as possible, at home, with an awake, aware, and aligned midwife. My main interest in the webinar was the info on Rh- as I am o- and my husband is o+, and my intuition tells me to beware of the Rhogam.

    I just purchased the replay of the webinar with the link above…just curious if it will be sent to my email inbox? Or if there is anything more I need to do to tune in.

    Thank you again for all that you do! You are truly a blessing to so many mothers, fathers, and innocent babies.

    • Hi Natalie – I am just now seeing your order and will get the mp4 to you tonight, as quickly as possible. Please be on the lookout for a private email from me. CONGRATS on your pregnancy! I truly hope the info in the webinar is beneficial for you.

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