Beautiful Ecstatic Births – This Video is a Must See

Before watching, please note that some viewers may consider childbirth “pornographic.” If you happen to be one of these people, this video is not for you. Please move along.

This video is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! MUST SEE EXQUISITE FOOTAGE OF THE WAY BIRTH WAS MEANT TO BE! Notice how happy these mothers are! Notice how happy the dads are too! Notice how calm the babies are and that their siblings are present for their birth. These children, who have been allowed to watch their younger siblings get born, will have memories of what it means to give birth naturally, easily, and in love. This will help them give birth to THEIR children in the same way. Notice in the last birth how calm the baby is, how tenderly the father bathes the baby, and how lovingly the young brother looks on. THIS IS JUST SUCH AN AMAZING VIDEO!

Note – there is one problem around 8 minutes in when the idiotic nurse/doctor decides to cut the cord — BEFORE THE BABY IS EVEN FULLY OUT!!! This is not OK. Never, ever do this unless the baby is in real distress. There was no reason for this to happen here. It is violent. And harmful. Notice in the next birth how the attendants wait to cut the cord until it has turned WHITE — which means the baby has received all of its blood. Best of all is to wait to cut the cord until the placenta has been born and the cord is white and flat. Or do a lotus birth.

Anyway, this is an amazing video. Please share!”

Note – this amazing video has been mirrored from ElPartoEsNuestro’s channel.

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