Your Donations Help Make My Work Possible

Please join me in my work to help spread awareness and protect babies, mothers, fathers, and families from harm.



Credit and debit card donations can be made here.


Thank you!

16 thoughts on “Your Donations Help Make My Work Possible

  1. Hello Janice,
    I saw a video in which you gave your email inviting people to contact you with questions.
    I didn’t write it down and have a pressing one I hope you can help me with.
    Can you please provide it tome.
    Thank you thank you for your work for the world.

  2. This is sad to hear here in the UK. Sadly i was to late on reading your books, now i have 2/3 autistic children. I am really glad you are exposing the truth, something i have believed was wrong for a while (but they guilt you into doing ultrasounds etc) (fear monger).

    • Ultrasound is a major culprit in the autism epidemic. The medical establishment will never tell you this. Wireless radiation is another big issue. And of course vaccines. I’m sorry they hurt you and your children Kay. Healing can happen but our lives would be so much better if we never had to experience early trauma.


  3. Hi Jeanice,
    Just wanted to touch base from sunny Australia and let you know about how we publish our books. We too were hounded by these ‘vanity’ publishers and we ended up taking the self publish track with and their product is quite excellent and affordable. Please contact us if you’d like further info on how to do this. Keep spreading the love hunni xx
    Dawn (and The Collective)

  4. Hello
    I ordered the birth trauma book , i didnt get a order reciept sent to my email
    also it did not tell me the shipping price, can you help

    • Hi Bee – your order has come through successfully. The total is $52… $30 for the book plus $22 for shipping to Canada. I will put the book in the mail to you tomorrow.

      All the best,

      • Thanks Janice
        I was charged $70 on my credit card not $52 can you check on this for me. And could you provide a tracking # when shipping thanks so much

          • Bee, the tracking number is LH181850422US

            Would you be kind enough to email me privately so as to avoid placing all of this accusatory questioning on my website? My email address is Thank you. I have emailed you privately regarding your comments.

            Your package is an international package. It was mailed on 10-27-22 — within 24 hours of your purchase. And it will take some time to get to you because it is an international package. Do you understand? Please respond through email. Thank you.

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