Webinar – The Sexualization of Children in Media and Schools – How Can We Protect Our Youth?

This webinar addresses the dark side of media and the education system, both of which are now engaged in grooming our children for pedophilia. Tune in to this webinar to learn what you can do to protect your children from this hideous abuse.

The Sexualization of Children in Media and Schools – How We Can Protect our Youth?

“Sex education” is now being taught to children as young as three and four.  Parents are being told that toddlers are able to understand consent and that it is completely appropriate to teach young children about masturbation and orgasm.  Pornography is being openly shared and promoted in classrooms while children are being brainwashed and encouraged to sexually objectify themselves and become gender dysphoric. The comprehensive sex-ed program created by Planned Parenthood uses the exact same techniques to groom young children as those used by pedophiles and child traffickers.

This webinar will go deep into the dark side of our society and will also include a guest speaker who recently left the school system because of what she witnessed happening to the children.

Important suggestions will be offered during the last twenty minutes of the webinar about how we can protect our children from this insidious abuse.

This webinar is now complete

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