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Jeanice Barcelo is an author, educator, researcher, and activist dedicated to exposing the dark side of the medical establishment. In her book, “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine,” Jeanice offers a critical analysis of technological interventions during childbirth and exposes the systematic abuse of mothers and infants during hospital birth. Jeanice argues that medical violence is deliberate and methodical and reveals how the protocols of hospital birth mirror the techniques of trauma based mind-control.


In addition to her work exposing the medical system, Jeanice has also lectured extensively on the topic of human sexuality and the decades-long agenda to socially engineer humanity through the manipulation of our sexual attitudes and behavior. In her DVD series entitled “Human Sexuality, Pornography, and the Attack on Human Love” Jeanice reveals the process by which humanity’s sexual mores and behavior have been steered toward the dark side, effectively undermining our ability to establish and maintain a family and blocking our ability to love.
To learn more about Jeanice and her work, please visit her website at http://BirthofaNewEarth.com.

11 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome!

  1. Hello Jeanice,

    I happened upon a presentation you made at the Free Your Mind Conference 2017 on sexuality last night, which brought to this website. It was a very powerful presentation, empowering and enlightening. Thank you kindly!

    I admire your courage in exposing the perpetrators of this most destructive movement. As you effectively made clear in your presentation, the sexual liberation movement was never intended to liberate anything but Evil whose prime directive was always designed to destroy the family unit, the fundamental building block of society. For all the perpetrators of this agenda, may they rot in hell forever.

  2. Thank you for this information. I’m interested in a birth trauma healing session. How can I set that up? I’m also wondering what you suggest for my children, 6 and 8. My son (6) has not been circumcised, neither child ahs any vaccines and no shots or any interventions at birth. But there were ultrasounds, epidurals and a small does of pitocin for our daughter.

    I just bought your book, too late for my children, but i will share the word with every doula and parent-to-be who will listen.

    • Hi Regina – I will contact you through email to set up a birth trauma healing session. It sounds like you did many things right in choosing to avoid vaccines and most interventions during birth. Congratulations on doing a good job. There are ways to heal from the trauma of epidural and pitocin and this I can teach you. Regarding ultrasounds, that would require some detoxing and also keeping your children away from further sources of radiation exposure. Wireless devices should be avoided and I also teach people how to transition away from wireless devices to wired connections. We can work on this together. Keep your eye out for my email.

      Hope this helps!

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