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Assisted Reproductive Technologies – The Untold Facts

Podcast with Adam Crabb at the Crazz Files – 7/28/23

This information covers the shocking facts about the satanic world of artificial reproduction (now renamed “assisted” reproduction). With so many people becoming infertile, the dark forces hope that most will come through their dark system to create children. But is this the way we should go?
Please see the full webinar on this topic:


Birth Trauma and the Attack on Human Love

Ridiculously Human Podcast – May 2023

* Truth about the negative health implications of Ultrasound
* The full scope of birth trauma
* ‘Brain Dead’ is medical fiction
* Dissociation through trauma
* Premature birth
* Drugs used during birth causing mothers and babies distress
* Mind control of medical students
* Learned helplessness through trauma based mind control
* Why 95% of hospital births are traumatic and 50% severely traumatic
* The importance of the ‘power hour’ after birth with your baby
* C-Section trauma
* Difference between love and lust
* Eye contact and trauma
* Circumcision and umbilical cord clamping
* Why the placenta is a spiritual garden of the baby
* How to heal birth trauma



The Hidden Causes of Autism

Adam Crazz interviews Jeanice, June 2023

To view a full 2+ hour webinar on this important topic, please visit:



Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality

Jeanice live at Free Your Mind – 2016

Jeanice Barcelo discussing the deliberate and methodical manipulation of human sexuality during the 20th century. Beginning with the Rockefeller-funded “research” of Alfred Kinsey, a well known sadomasochist and pedophile, and continuing on with the introduction of pornography which now saturates our world and has been moved into kindergarten classrooms, our children, our relationships, and even our ability to love is under direct assault.


The Trauma of Unconscious Conception and the Dangers of Hospital Birth

Elena Harder interviews Jeanice, September 2021



Raw & Real – Jeanice Barcelo Live with JC Kay: Medical Abuse During Pregnancy and Childbirth – How They are Destroying our Families

JC Kay interviews Jeanice, April 2022



Ending Infant Trauma: Dangers of Hospital Birth, Ultrasound, & Circumcision w/ Jeanice Barcelo #308

Jeanice interviewed by Luke Storey
Points of Interest: 09:20 — The trauma that pushed Jeanice to become a researcher and activist; Two months and two days of watching her child in neonatal intensive care; “I didn’t have a language to understand what was going on, but I could feel the evil.”; It was a repetition of her own birth trauma; Five years of intense PTSD; How Jin Shin Jyutsu saved her life; More than 98{07852e6e605eab5487b14855361b49717f1863b3cb5f40601bc93fc2480bbef1} of hospital births are considered at least moderately traumatic; What happens during the birthing process when you’re carrying unresolved birth trauma; The satanic rituals performed in hospitals; 20:10 — How the medical establishment is intervening even pre-pregnancy; Dangers of birth control pills; Imprinting rejection at birth; Our divine birthright; Cellular memory; The sequence of events in a typical American pregnancy; 37:00 — What’s the deal with ultrasounds?; Ultrasounds are non-ionizing radiation; EMF exposure to the fetus; Why radiation damage is so insidious; Radiation from heart rate monitors; Things that can go wrong if you don’t get an ultrasound; Fetal surveillance; 50:35 — Medical indoctrination; Trauma-based mind control; The horrors of circumcision; Watch “American Circumcision”; The War Against Boys: Ending The Torture Of Circumcision In America; 01:00:05 — Induction, umbilical cord clamping, cesarean sections, and harmful pharmaceuticals; The harms caused by induction; The etymology of “induction”; How toxic drugs like Cytotec (Misoprostol) and Pitocin are used; These are rituals, not just protocols; Why it helps to have a doula to advocate for you; Epidurals and why to avoid them; How long has this model been in operation?; What they don’t tell you about sections; How cord clamping robs babies of vital nutrients and hurts their health; Hospitals selling infant blood; What happens to the umbilical cord and placenta in natural birth?; “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine”; 01:39:41 — Why fathers and family are often kept out of the room during birth; No one should touch your baby before you do; Luke’s realization about his birth during an ayahuasca retreat; The work isn’t fun, but the benefit of healing from these traumas is immeasurable; Incubators and how they affect babies psychologically; 01:49:55 — The horrors of circumcision; The benefits of having foreskin; Robbing men of their full sexual expression and ability to connect emotionally; The process of removing foreskin; The attack on men; 02:08:10 — Where parents can begin if they decide to have a natural birth; Ensuring a love-filled, conscious conception; The meaning and role of the doula and midwife; Healing your birth trauma; Avoiding marital breakdown after childbirth; Ringing Cedars Series Original Second Edition Full Set


Jeanice Barcelo: When Love Fails, Everything Suffers

A look at the occult underpinnings of our current times and the possibility of non-human influences here on earth.

The Luciferian Agenda and Dismantling the Matrix

Mark Atwood interviews Jeanice Barcelo, March 22, 2022


Pornograpy’s Historical Ravages Re: The Destruction of our Men.

Kathleen Dudley interviews Jeanice Barcelo


The Truth About Ultrasound All Parents Need to Know
Emily Seeboonruang interviews Jeanice Barcelo

Porn Addiction

Judith Kwoba interviews Jeanice Barcelo – April 2021


“I Will Not Co-exist with Evil” – It Starts with Birth
Jeanice interviewed by Mark Atwood



Jeanice interviewed by JC Kay
This is a very explosive, controversial, and triggering interview. It was extremely powerful and moving to me, as you will see me speak about my own personal traumas, after feeling very overwhelmed by Jeanice’s mindblowing information about chilbirth and trauma. We are a heavily traumatised civilisation, and this trauma is inflicted daily through every new birth. You will learn how the Satanic Cabal has infiltrated EVERYTHING, from conception to the entire birthing process. You have never heard information like this before! This video is about bringing trauma to consciousness, and then healing it by returning to love.




The Dark Side of Medically Assisted Reproduction
Adam Crabb interviews Jeanice at the Crazz Files

July 28, 2023. Assisted reproductive technologies cost a fortune, have a 77% failure rate, and produce many damaged children and damaged marriages. Not only is the medical establishment using eggs from aborted human babies to make their IVF children, but they are also taking sperm from dead men and from men who are not dead but who have been declared “brain dead”. Thanks to this wicked satanic industry, we also have ALOT of children now with jewish DNA since jewish “fertility doctors” are repeatedly getting caught using their own sperm to produce IVF and surrogate children. It’s a very sick industry and I encourage people not to go near it.

For those who’d like to go deeper into this information, please check out this 2+ hour webinar:


Preventable Birth Trauma For Mother & Baby
Jeanice interviewed by Richard Sachs at Lost Arts Radio

One of our listeners asked me to look into inviting Jeanice Barcelo to be a guest on Lost Arts Radio, and sent me a video by Jeanice that took me several weeks to get to ( When I finally did get to watch it, I knew we had to ask Jeanice to be on the show. Watching the video is an intense experience, and some people may find it too emotionally difficult to get through. But the video has so much important information that future parents and everyone who cares about kids and future generations have a chance to learn critical information that is hard to find anywhere else all in one place.
Previous Sunday show guests have exposed nefarious activities in hospitals across America that are going on every day, from euthanasia of elderly patients to vaccinating premature babies, knowing many will suffer serious injury or die. But Jeanice will be the first guest to lay out in detail what is being done routinely to mothers and their babies, before and after birth. Subjects like the use of ultrasound, drugs and vaccines given to mothers, clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord, depriving the baby of oxygen and vital nutrients, male genital mutilation, and much more will be discussed on the show.
Considering the state of medical and public health “education” that programs health professionals with all kinds of false and harmful information, it is up to parents and those who support them to guard their own health and that of their children from a system that has gone criminally insane.



Natural Birth, EMFs and Radiation

Jeanice interviewed by Gabriel Lopez of the Ringing Cedars movement –
“This episode of the “Co-Creation and Joy Radio” podcast is a treasure trove of information about birth and EMF radiation: the dangers of modern birthing procedures, birth trauma and how to heal it, methods and insights on natural (and Ringing Cedars style) birth, the real dangers of EMF radiation, and solutions to rid your life of them. If you are planning on having children at any time, this episode is a must listen.”




Consciousness and Wisdom!
Jeanice interviewed by Lindsey Brown at Rogue Ways –

Rogue Ways is so lucky to welcome back to the show again a woman who has empowered women everywhere to trust and love their bodies and the natural processes that make them beautiful in order to bring about ecstatic joy in birthing healthy babies to this world! As if that weren’t enough, she also holds energy on this plane to inspire and uplift the spiritual and natural connections we all share with ourselves, with each other, and with nature and she works to educate and transform our understanding of our relationship with electronics so that we may exist in better balance.




Jeanice Barcelo: Anunnaki Takeover – What We Need To Decide Now
Jeanice interviewed by Judith Kwoba of Nightflight –
Discussion about the hidden forces behind our current COVID calamity, pointing out radiation dangers and who benefits and has an interest in poisoning the earth.



Birth Trauma
Jeanice interviewed by Lindsey Brown –
What a deep honor for Rogue Ways to host a woman who has worked fearlessly to bring forth a vision of birthing that has empowered men and women everywhere to stand and act bravely to birth in freedom and joy – the modern medical system would have us tortured and traumatized from our first moments of life and Jeanice Barcelo is here to make sure that we know another path is possible.




Radiation Dangers
Jeanice interviewed by Crystal Groh of the Free Energy Special Interest Group
Jeanice exposes a decades-long cover-up of the dangers of ultrasound and all technologies that utilize non-ionizing radiation (cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, smart meters, etc.).
Her article:…
5G is absolutely connected to this “virus” and so is 4G. The link between this allegedly deadly “c-virus” and the symptoms associated with radiation sickness. Jeanice started off showing the baby monitors and what the radiation looks like through pictures of graphs from data measurements of the frequencies emitting radiation. Autism is being activated through this radiation, brain damage and genetic damage has being triggered in the womb on! Our children are exposed with radiation that are extremely harmful! Human are designed to receive frequencies between 3 – 30 Hz but we’re now being exposed to millions and millions of Hz!! Cell phone, wifi, smart meters are operating at 2.4 billion hz, i.e. 2.4 Gigahertz! Neurological disfunction is getting more extreme! We’re being lied to that these frequencies radiation is safe.



Is Ultrasound Really Safe?
Jeanice interviewed by Marriage Coach Lynn Griesemer –



Wireless Radiation and our Children’s Brains
Jeanice with Christine Zipps at Wired Schools
Jeanice explores the facts concerning artificial ultrasound and other technologies that are based on non-ionizing radiation and frequencies. All such technologies are harmful and are negatively impacting us and our children. It is important for people to learn the facts so that we may protect ourselves and our children from harm.




Wireless Warfare
Jeanice Barcelo on the air with Eli James at Eurofolk Radio




Is the “Coronavirus” Actually Radiation Sickness from 5G?

Jeanice interviewed by Josh Tolley




The Dark Side Of Ultrasound – Irradiating Our Children
Jeanice Barcelo interviewed by Vinny Eastwood





Jeanice on TrutherTalk with Virstyne Henry

The Quiet War

Jeanice with Adam at the Crazz Files





The Dark Agenda Behind The Hospital Birth Protocols
Jeanice with Greg Carlwood on the Higher Side Chats
Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats as he talks about birth trauma, prenatal care, the dangers of ultrasounds and Pitocin with guest, Jeanice Barcelo.
Many of us are all too familiar with the cold, clinical process of childbirth, where pregnant mothers and their fetus’ are subjected to endless tests, injections, and ultrasounds, all in the name of modern medicine. And while these method of madness may be hailed within the scientific community, it is obvious our prenatal care and birthing process have mutated into an industry orchestrated to prey of the fear of new parents. This cycle has evolved throughout the last century, from a natural, love-filled process, to one that is designed to deliberately genetically alter both mother and child, through psychological torture beginning from the moment of incarnation and resulting in both cascade of interventions during birth and lifelong effects on fertility. Fortunately, today’s guest, Jeanice Barcelo, joins The Higherside to shed some light on one of the darkest undercurrents of the conspirasea. As an author of books like, “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine“, Barcelo offers incredible insight into the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of each step in our prenatal care and the birthing process.

Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine
Jeanice on Perceptions Talk Radio


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