Paperback Books Are Back in Stock!

Dear friends,

I have some exciting news.  All three of my books are back in stock!   If you are interested to order an autographed, paperback copy of any of my books, please do so by choosing the appropriate link below to place your order. Price for the birth trauma book is $30 plus shipping.  Price for the ultrasound book is $35 plus shipping.  Price for the wireless radiation book is $20, plus shipping.  Please forgive the OUTRAGEOUS prices for international shipping.  I do have a distributor in Australia now, so the shipping fees will be greatly reduced for Australian customers.


Important Update for friends in European customers

The US postal service has alerted me of new European Union rules regarding moving items through customs.  Apparently, the EU has decided to charge ADDITIONAL FEES once a package arrives in the EU, over and above the outrageous shipping fees already being charged for items sent to countries that are part of the EU.  I do not know exactly which Europeans countries are part of the EU, but I wanted to alert my European customers to this possibility.  It seems “they” are trying to choke European people off financially if they dare attempt to order an item outside of the EU.  I sincerely apologize for this outrageous extortion scheme.  If someone in the EU would like to become a distributor of my books, please contact me directly at

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To order the Birth Trauma book, click here


To order the Ultrasound book, click here


To order the Wireless Radiation book, click here

47 thoughts on “Paperback Books Are Back in Stock!

  1. Hi, I would like to order both birth books please. I live in New Zealand although I maybe able to use a US postbox. Can you give me the price in $NZ plus freight.
    Mother of 15 children, grandmother of 16 children

  2. I would like both books, plus wireless device one, I am from Canada. Is it possible to order all 3 with one shipping charge? Thanks

    • I’m sorry, this is getting to be too much. Please buy the books separately and I will refund the shipping costs for one package. Thanks.

    • Karen – please just place the order for both books. Since you are in the US it is only an extra $10. I will happily refund the extra $10 once I have shipped the books in one package. Thank you. This will make it much easier on me.

  3. Hi Jeanice,
    Wow! Your research and knowledge is so important! We need to get it out there.
    I’d also like to order both books please, and combine shipping if possible (to Australia).
    Thanks, Anne

  4. Hello. I’d like to purchase both books, I live in Colorado and am hoping it might be possible to combine shipping charges? – thanks

  5. I’m in North Carolina and would like to order both books. Are they still available? My twin boys are 25 years old and I had ultrasounds almost EVERY week. I’m devastated by your interview on CHDtv (I had two miscarriages before them) but am certainly not surprised.

    Thank you for all you’ve been doing.

    • Hi Rochelle – the books are sold-out and more have been ordered. Ultrasound books are expected to arrive on the 18th. Birth Trauma books on the 22nd. So if you’d like to order, please do go ahead. If you order both books, I will issue a refund for the extra shipping charge and put both books in one package. Hope this helps.

      PS – It is outrageous what they are doing to the babies. Every week is just so absurd and dangerous. I’m wondering if your boys are able to conceive children?

      • Thank you, I will place an order right now.

        I’m wondering if they will be able to conceive as well – they are 25. One of them had two severe seizures (one at around age 5 and one at age 7) and it terrified him for his entire adolescence and he’s only now coming out of it. I’m wondering if the ultrasounds had something to do with it. Oh, and the same twin came out of the womb angry and stayed that way for so long! We talk about it now and he has no idea why.

        • I often joke about how pissed off forceps babies are and how, because their life began as a power struggle with authority, the contempt for authority remains throughout life. Many boys are also either extremely pissed off or extremely withdrawn due to circumcision trauma. This is, by far, the worst trauma there is and the mothers is often the target of the anger.

          There is so much going on as a result of medical abuse and interference during pregnancy and birth. It can feel overwhelming to try deal with it all.

          I refunded the extra shipping fee. Hope this helps.

  6. I just ordered the paperback book. I was specifically looking for the one on ultrasound. Is that info in the birth trauma book or not? If not please send both of them.
    I am a 72 yo mother of 5 and grandmother of 12, who never once had an ultrasound. When they became universally accepted, I began have some serious questions as to their safety. I have tried to find information on what they do in detail but it seemed to be universally thought to be safe and all detail hidden. I would love to talk to you in person. I was a lay midwife before becoming a BSN, RN – who completely stayed away from any of the OB/GYN practices despite my personal interest. I just watched your CHD talk (Nov 7th) with Polly, Nadera and Sarah and was so excited that I had correctly been concerned and expressed my doubts to others including my children who all sadly ignored me.

    • Jennifer – I have received your order for the birth trauma book. The information about ultrasound is not in that book. If you would like to purchase the ultrasound book in addition to the birth trauma book, simply scroll down lower in the post and purchase the book. If you would like to purchase the ultrasound book instead of the birth trauma book, please “donate” an additional $5 here: Thanks. And yes, you were both correct and extremely wise to be concerned about this technology. BRAVO for your intuition and inner knowing.

  7. Are copies of “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound” and “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine” still available please? If so I would like to order both in one package, if that would be possible please, to be sent to my UK address. Thank you for all you do. I saw your interview on CHD TV and it made a deep impression on me. Thank you again, and best wishes.

    • Hi Sue – thanks for your interest in my work. Yes, both books are available right now. I’m going to email you privately with a special link to purchase both books. Thanks.

  8. Jeanice, are both paperback books still available? And what about your ‘Are Wireless Devices Really Safe?’. This order would be sent to a US address. I learned about your book on Ultrasound when it was mentioned on page 45 of the Spring 2023 ‘Wise Traditions’ put out by the Weston A. Price Foundation. It was in an article under Reading Between the Lines – Medical Tests: Whose Interests Do They Really Serve? by Merinda Teller.

    • Hi Mary – yes, all three book are available in paperback form. I will email you a private link so that you can make the purchase without paying multiple shipping fees.

      Thank you for the heads-up regarding the Weston A. Price Foundation talking about my work. This is great news!!! It has not been easy for me to have a large reach due to severe censorship, so I am thankful when anyone shares info about my work, especially large organizations like the Weston A. Price Foundation. Brilliant!

      • Wonderful! Let me send you a copy of the article where your book was mentioned. I’ll try and email it to your yahoo address by the weekend. I tried to get your book off of Amazon. Thought it would take me a few minutes. Didn’t realize it was so unavailable. One more question. What about your DVD? Do you have someone else mail that out or is that something made available with your books? Thanks for your patience! When I realized you had other product I was intrigued.

        • Mary – yes, I also send out the DVD set myself. You cannot find my work in the public domain due to censorship. The cost for the DVD set is $25. Would you like me to add that to your package? I will have to move up to the next size priority package to fit all 4 items so the shipping will go up from $11 to $15. If this works, I’ll redo the link I sent you. Let me know. Thanks!

  9. Your name was mentioned in Mark Passio’s video called ” The cult of ultimate evil” – ” Order followers and the destruction of the sacred feminine.” It can be found on YouTube. I recommend watching it if you haven’t done so already!

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