Paperback – The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound

Dear friends – I am happy to announce that paperback copies of this book are available once again! After the Amazon ban earlier this year, I have, once again, found a way to make these books available to you.  If you are interested to obtain a copy of this book, please click on the appropriate link below. Cost for the paperback is $35, plus shipping. I apologize for the exorbitant shipping rates and wish there were a way to make shipping more cost-effective.  However, this is what we are dealing with thanks to the “great reset”.

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Below is a brief write-up about the book…

This book offers a ground-breaking analysis of the documented facts concerning the dangers of prenatal ultrasound. Much of the information contained in the book has been previously kept hidden from the public. Nevertheless, the book contains more than 300 pages of sourced material, plus 1500+ citations to confirm that prenatal ultrasound is harming developing babies and should be banned from obstetrics immediately.

Despite the medical establishment repeating the mantra that ultrasound is “just sound waves” and therefore “perfectly safe” during pregnancy, in truth, ultrasound is based on non-ionizing radiation, and many thousands of studies have confirmed that this type of radiation is harmful, especially for children and developing babies in the womb.

As a result of exposure to ultrasound in utero, children are at great risk of being born with radiation-induced genetic mutations that can negatively affect future generations. They may experience damaging reproductive effects that can lead to fertility issues and sterility later in life. They may suffer from radiation-induced brain damage and/or neurodevelopmental delays that can contribute to autism. And there are many childhood diseases that can be traced back to exposure to ultrasonic irradiation in utero.

Parents who care about the welfare of their children will benefit from understanding the facts about this technology and all technologies that utilize non-ionizing radiation (cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, etc.). It is time to take a stand to protect the children.

Thank you for caring about the future of the Earth and for passing this information on to others.

Kindly pass this information on to others and let me know if you have any questions.

Here’s what people are saying about the book


From the Weston A. Price Foundation newsletter, Winter 2023


“Your book is amazing! I just bought two more to share. It exposes a gigantic missing link in why our children are now so messed up. EVERY one, especially mothers-to-be, needs this book. The evidence you present is overwhelming and it is mind boggling to consider the ramifications. It is understandable why people can’t grasp the magnitude of what we are dealing with. That is part of the block and resistance for many. Thank you for your courage in being the one to finally put this all together in one book. You are saving the human race.”
— Andrew M. McAfee


Thank you for the autographed copy of the Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound!  This is a remarkable assembly of metadata on the subject with over 1600 references proving the known dangers of ultrasound going back to the 1880’s!  I suspected these examinations could be harmful, but now, after seeing the mechanisms of excessive heat accumulation in the bones, DNA damage, cell destruction, birth defects, and fetal death from overexposure – this practice is far more damaging to the fetus than I ever imagined possible
Thank you for such a profound work! Every health professional, mother, father, and those hoping to have children someday need this information.  It is helpful to have such a valuable reference to cite from when writing my own articles. I will share this information!
Michael King


Your book is brilliant! This is a real tour de force, it’s absolutely brilliant and so wide-ranging… When I saw that they can vasectomize a man with ultrasound, I really flipped out. You have hit on something very crucial here… Everything you’ve written is great, brilliantly researched and very well written, and a real eye-opener for me, even as someone who knows about this. Please keep up your good work, don’t for one moment doubt the importance of what you’re doing there, this is crucial for the human race.
— Karl Muller


I am blown away by Vol 1 of your book!  OMG!  You deserve an investigative journalism award!  The chapter on Radiation is the best explanation/information I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been researching for 7 years, since I got symptoms of EHS!!!  Now I understand it! OMG!!!  Truly excellent work!
— Elizabeth North


“The Dark side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation” is a truly incredible resource for anyone who cares about the health of themselves, their children, families and our world. Incredibly well researched I’ve personally found this to be an invaluable tool in my research for my own book project. Before stumbling upon Jeanice’s work I thought I knew almost all there was to know about EMF hazards but Jeanice’s book has been totally eye-opening and revelatory. The book delves deeply into the very important, all too often overlooked issue of medical ultrasound harm while venturing well beyond into other key EMF harm related topics relevant to the rest of the population, not just expectant mothers. I really cannot say enough good things about this book and Jeanice’s work. Her dedication to uncovering and sharing truth as to the most pressing environmental and public health crisis we have ever faced is to be applauded and her findings need to be shared far and wide before it is too late for us all. I personally intend to share her work with as many people as I can. Thank you Jeanice! 
— Shannon Bishop


Finished the book. Probably the best researched on this topic… This book should become a bestseller.  In 20 years when society has collapsed it will be a rare collector’s item.
— Julian S.


I believe that this book, as well as your first one, are two of the most important books I’ve ever read.  The information is heartbreaking and infuriating.   I’m so grateful for this book.”
— Linda T

I’ve just finished reading your magnum opus, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound”. I’m speechless. Your exhaustive research, innate intelligence and spiritual perception have been marshaled to produce this truly masterful work. Your work significantly adds to my understanding of our real history [and] of what is actually currently underway… Thank you!
— David T.

42 thoughts on “Paperback – The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound

      • Just now, the university erlangen – nuremberg begins with
        SMART START – that is to digitalize the 9 months of the embryo … sorry, my english is not good enough to explain that. 3,5 Mio Euro has been given for that project !!!! Please have a look to the wbsite. It needs to be explained that this is a crime !!!!
        Thank you for this fantastic website …
        Best regards,

        • You are welcome Monika. And yes, you are right. They are attacking the babies with radiation and it is a crime. I also have a radiation website you may be interested in. Please see: for more info. We need to stay as far away from the medical establishment as possible during pregnancy and birth. They are harming our children.

        • So I just looked it up and found an article Monika. It looks as if they want to give pregnant mothers smart watches and smart phones that can take ultrasound scans in order to move away from person-to-person medical care and turn everything into robotic “healthcare.” Sadly, most pregnant women are already carrying smart phones and receiving multiple ultrasound scans per pregnancy, leaving their babies highly irradiated and sure to develop health, fertility, and genetic problems during their short life spans. Moving medicine over to “digitization” (or technocratic machines) is the next phase of dehumanizing humanity. But we are participating in this process and allowing it. We have to stop. We have to turn away from these devices which are turning us into machines. And we have to turn away from the medical establishment which, as I have documented in my Birth Trauma book, is 100{07852e6e605eab5487b14855361b49717f1863b3cb5f40601bc93fc2480bbef1} run by psychopaths and is evil.

      • Good morning,

        I am in NZ & just a short while ago, I paid for a PDF copy of The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound”, $18.99. However no receipt of this transaction has come through yet.
        Can I leave this with you to check that this has actually gone through your system.
        This is for Christine McEvedy.

        Thank you for your attention to this,

        Blessings, New Zealand.

        • Hi Christine – yes, your order came through and I’ve just sent you the book through email. I send the books manually and I just got online to see your order and sent the book straight away. You should see it in your email now. Thanks so much for ordering!

          • Hi, I bought the pdf as well and waiting for it to be sent. Also ordered a hard copy of the other book. Shipping is to Australia. I haven’t received a receipt either but I assume good for both and they will eventually arrive. Thank you.

          • Hi Sylvia – your pdf of the ultrasound book was emailed to you on October 9th. I just re-sent the email. Please confirm that you received the email and the book. Thanks. As for a hard copy of my other book (the birth trauma book?), I do not see your order. Can you please send confirmation of your order? It is possible it did not go through. Thanks.

          • Thanks Sylvia. I’ve just sent the ultrasound book for the third time. Please confirm you got it. Regarding your other order, you placed it through my Australian distributor which is why I don’t see it on my end. I’ve emailed her to see if she got the order and cc’d you on the email. Keep me posted as to developments. Tx.

          • I’ve now sent the file 5x Sylvia and that is all I can do. I just sent a copy to your work email address as well. Please figure out what the problem is on your end. Thank you.

          • Thank you. I received it on my other email. Very strange and I have no idea why First time I experienced this.

  1. What is needed to condemn or exonerate prenatal ultrasound is a large epidemiological study. There are not enough “unexposed” children for such a study. I have appealed to the FDA to take actions that will build such a population – either quietly by enlisting medical groups or publicly by admitting that the FDA does not know if prenatal ultrasound is safe. Now I am directing my efforts to informing the public. If women knew that ultrasound might not be safe, that population of unscanned children would soon be available. Thanks for the publicity you have given the topic.

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    • I suggest we return to using midwives who know how to palpate the womb and use a fetoscope to listen to the heartbeat. I also suggest we avoid the medical establishment like the plague.

  3. I know first-hand the amount of patience and dedication it must have taken to cover the incredible research aspects when writing this book. I love to dig into research and it’s a good thing, because I’ve been doing it since 1986 when first able to put a term to what were two experiences with post partum psychosis. Congratulations and thank you for Book One of Two!

    • Hi D.A. – thanks for your kind feedback. Postpartum psychosis has become pretty common thanks to medical intervention during childbirth. I hope you were able to receive the support you need to get through it and heal it and that all is well with you and your children. I am wishing you all the best.

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  6. When an email was sent to a friend in lndia about 5G & COVID, it went viral. Now the lndian Government said forwarding of emails like this will get the person 2yrs. jail

    • It is amazing how hard they are working to try to keep the Truth from getting out there — even creating laws to try to prevent the spread of the information. Cowards, every one of them. Their time is up.

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  8. Hello, I have ordered both books, but I ordered them separately as there didn’t seem to be an option to order both together. That means I am being charged twice for the postage. Is there any way you can send them together. I would appreciate that very much. Thank you for your research, I thought I knew a lot, but your information has left me absolutely astounded. I’m 75 and have done a lot of personal searching and questioning over the years. Thankfully my daughters weren’t exposed to mainstream medicine, I always used alternative health and healing methods. My youngest daughter runs a pilates business, she does a lot of research on health and passes her knowledge on to her clients. These books will be invaluable for her.

    • Hi Margaret – I am going to place both books into one package and will refund you the shipping for the second package. I have done this with numerous orders already. Please do be patient as I have never received this many orders at the same time and it’s going to take a little while for me to be able to get all the packages together and out to all the people who have placed orders. But you will have your books soon enough. And I will put in for your refund within the next 48 hours and it should appear on your card within 5 business days. Thanks.

      • Thank you Jeanice, that’s good news. I’ll try and be patient, I’m really keen to get hold of your books. I mentioned you to my daughter Katie and she’s keen too. She’s about to do a podcast with a well known Herbalist, Coleen Bates, here in Darwin who is a wealth of knowledge. We both refer people to her. I sent your information to Coleen and she mentioned that she’s catching up with Katie and they will discuss this information in the podcast.

      • Greetings Jeanice. I hope you are well, and your health is improving. Thank you for having the courage and strength to stand unshakably and tenaciously in opposition to this vile and covetous beast system we face (and its degenerate minions). You are a true warrior in this battle (against the dark forces of evil), and I pray your example inspires many to a commensurate action. I ordered “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound” roughly a month ago but have not heard nor received the book nor confirmation. Could you verify you received and processed my order? Best wishes to you and your family.

        • Hi Thurman – I received your order on the 13th of November (10 days ago). I am expecting books to arrive on the 25th of November, at which time I will be sending you your book. Thank you so much for your patience. I apologize for the delay. The response to my interview with CHD has been overwhelming so I have had to fulfill the orders in the same order they were received. Your group is next! You will have your book next week. Thank you for your kind understanding.

  9. God bless you for telling us the truth. I wish everyone would listen to you. I sent your talk with CHD to my daughter who is pregnant. God willing we can stop the murder of more children. Thank you. You are a God send! Please keep fighting the good fight. Don’t let Satan win. God is in control so please don’t blame yourself. God can repair or heal anything. God also protects us even though we are such sheep.

    • Hi Deanne – thank you so much for your kind feedback. I, too, hope we can stop this outrageous assault on our babies and protect them from the medical establishment. I hope your daughter is open to the information. Thanks for your interest in my work.

  10. Dear Jeanice,

    I am interested in the PDF and also in the DVD about the attack on human love. However, I don’t have a credit card and I live in Europe – is there a different possibility to pay and can the DVD also be streamed?


    • Hi Josepha – I don’t know of another way to make the purchase. Perhaps you can borrow someone’s card?

      The DVD cannot be streamed. It is a literal DVD-set with two DVDs. So sorry.

  11. Just finished your “Dark Side of Ultrasound” book. So thorough! It’s an amazing book. I wish all future mothers would read this book. It could change the world!

    • Thanks so much for that wonderful feedback Anya! I am so appreciative of receiving messages like this. Glad you received benefit from the book.


  12. Hello, I have just rediscovered this site, a few years since I originally found it. I have bought the book, but no notification email has come in. It is quite an expensive book so I am concerned that my payment will not produce any goods, as this site is somewhat old-fashioned now (that is not meant to be offensive, by the way).
    Can someone email me with confirmation that payment has been received and that the book will be sent to me.
    Many thanks.
    I intend to continue to help pregnant women to bring their children into the world without the sort of damage so many modern practices produce.

    • Dear Afifah – I will email you immediately. I did receive your order and your book will go out in the mail this coming Friday. Thank you for your interest in my work and for wanting to help pregnant women bring children into this world safely and in love.

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